PS3 exclusives, best graphics on any console?

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Killzone 2

Uncharted 2


Heavy Rain

Gran Turismo

God of War

I have yet to play or seen any game on other consoles that has better graphics than these exclusives. Do you disagree?

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I disagree. Edit: I guess I'd better expand on this a bit. There is a total of ONE game this gen that has blown me away, and that is Bioshock. Not because it's the best looking game this gen, but because it was the first HD game I played on my 42" plasma. Everything else this gen that I've played (this includes: MGS4, Uncharted, Killzone 2, Gears of War 2, Mass Effect, Batman: AA) have just been slight variations on the quality of that. I would say Uncharted does have some of the best animations I have ever seen, but so does Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass on the DS. I can say that Killzone 2 has the shiniest grays, blacks and. . . grays I have ever seen (followed closely by Gears, If I'm being honest). I'm sure some people can easily see the anti-aliasing, punch-cut-fade-draw gobble-dee-gook that makes the PS3 excluvies ZOMG betterz than all the rest, but for the rest of us regular people, the 360 and the PS3 are the same.

neither have i

Well if u take the game with best graphics on Xbox360 VS ps3, ps3 wins:

Gears of war2 VS Uncharted2 = Uncharted2

some people will disagree. but to me, since i only have a ps3, i'd agree! haha. but i wouldn't count out the xbox360's exclusive offerings either cuz i'm sure their pretty good too.

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On consoles, I agree. To be fair though, I believe a higher amount of Sony's devs have built their engines from the ground up, whereas the Xbox 360 is plagued with exclusives that either: A. use updated versions of last gen engines or: B. Re-use the Unreal Engine 3 on exclusive after exclusive.

I think the PS3 will remain ahead in the graphics department, but the 360 will have visual masterpieces of it's own: (Alan Wake, Splinter Cell: Conviction, Halo Reach) and such.


I disagree.

Gears of War (in 2006!!! Still a graphical beast today!)

Gears of War 2

Mass Effect (facial and character mod. are awesome)


Alan Wake

Forza Motorsport 3

Splinter Cell Conviction

Halo Reach


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Ps3 wins hands down, this thread is pointless.

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