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They should hire some good level designer.
They should do something with story telling, R2 is to straight forward experience.

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Forget about the "Mystery of the Chimera" and just explain the damn details....

I just beat the first game yesterday and I totally loved it, gonna start R2 this weekend. It's not better than The Orange Box or Call of Duty 4 but it's a great game and a blast to play in story co-op, something not many quality FPS's have these days...

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Put all 3 campaigns on one disk make them all split screen co-op, and maybe online co-op.. That's my wish anyway.  And it wouldn't hurt for them to get some pointers on Telling a good story and graphics technology from Naughty Dog who work in the same building.  Graphics will be paramount considering theres a good chance it will go head to head with reach next year, KZ2 kind of sunk R2 in some of it's hype last year.


Seriously already on a 3rd iteration of this game? What ever happend to pacing and good game development. It would be a shame to see a franchise of this calibur go the way of what COD was before MW - just another cookie cutter copy of itself.

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Atmosphere: R2 wasn't nearly as thrilling as the first. I'd like to see some horror elements in R3 an actually be scary again which brings me to my next thing.

Pacing: I'm jumping on cars then running from rising water because I guess I can't swim nor can I kill those chimeran fish (reminds me of R&C). Then i'm in a hotel with scary chimera and shortly after full scale war. RFOm did it much better.

Graphics: Some Times, Some Levels looked great while most others looked bland and unfinished. Consistent great graphics. The Swarm looked like a hot mess.

Story: Develop the characters. I want to care when they die or survive. Another thing is I'm not sure what's going on with the story. I liked it better when I thought the chimeran were aliens but now it's all about evolution or something or other. Do like RFOM and retribution. Make Some Full CGI Cutscenes and some stills with narrative scenes.

Vehicles: First let me say. The first teaser feels misleading. I swore we would actually get to fly a plane or a chimeran fighter or space craft. Nothing happened like that. What happened to riding the jeep and tank like in the first? You're supposed to expand not remove. Which brings me to another topic.

Online Features: I haven't tried co-op an it's probably very nice but deathmatch is not as good as RFOM for me. The animations are stiffer and hunched like I guess real soldiers do but I don't like how it looks. The Air lift blows you in one direction instead of letting you jump where you want like RFOM. Weapon Choice by game Creator! what happened? RFOM I could choose what weapons I wanted in my game and species, points, infinite ammo and so on. They should add a Character Creator (wwf style) for online. That would interesting to see Unique crazy looking characters fighting it out. Of couse they'd have to highlight a model with color for TD.

Health System: Do like Retribution but actually let players choose from the get go what system they want. Bars or Regeneration?

Weapon Wheel: Most important to me, right in front of one hit kills options. I want to carry all my weapons. I don't care about being realistic. I want to have fun. It's so annoying playing games and I have to drop so many great weapons. If you're going to go for realism then add body damage. Bullets holes in dead chimera, Bring back the backlash grenade and duel weapons please. More crazy weapons.

Do Work Snooky: I want hale swimming, riding motorcycles, trucks, paratrooping, air combating, space fighting, the whole nine. I know realism, don't care in this aspect.

Intensity: Not just numbers of enemies but the bosses need to look, sound, move and be more dangerous and ferocious. Dadealus just basically followed you in a circle :/

Gameplay Features: I can't think of a single new thing to come up with but that's their job. So this is easier asked for than done.I want to throw knives and or have knife take downs. A little stealth can't hurt. Gun Takedowns besides melee. I know it's a shooter but if an enemy is so close to me that I can punch and kick them then I should be able to do that.

Features: As a sony exclusive I want the screenshot, custom soundtrack and record game features all available. Use bigger BR discs if need be.

Design: I don't mind linear games. I rather know where i'm supposed be going but come on. If there's a small curb let me jump on it. If there are tons of doors to a home or store. Let me open some to use inside as cover. Hide collectables in there, IDK. Of course i'd like a NY level. Half Broken Red Planets. Are we going into out of space and visit another planet or what?

AI: Better teammates or none at all. Grims run up and smack the snot out of you and they just stand around some times.

The Chimera: My god they keep getting and losing types of chimera. That's not really my complaint. My Request? Let's hear from the Chimera!!! They are highly organized so obviously they communicate. Why no cutscenes of this? What do they think, where are their leaders? What is their real goal? I want know, what chimera is... I want you to show me. A little Foreigner reference. Moving On.

Could there be more? Possibly but i'm tired. I just want the most for R3 because I really like the Franchise and want to see it's creators help it grow. I hope they take their time with this one. 2011 would be best, maybe longer if necessary.

Split-screen co-op and online co-op. Go for the multiplayer experience that K2 lacked.

I agree that they should go back to some of the more old school elements of the first game. The weapon wheel and the health system would be great to have back. I also really miss the Hailstorm

And they really need to make the boss fights better. The boss fights in R2 were of epic scale, but extremely weak and linear, so there is much improvement to be had!

The main thing I hope they do though, is to tweak the coop. I don't care if it doesn't look one bit better than R2, but if there are more enemies on screen, more players, more scenarios, etc. then I will be getting the game regardless of the singleplayer.

Give it keybord and mouse support :)


I personally really missed the weapon wheel in the 2nd game, was awful having to drop so many good weapons just to have the right one for one point. I mean any other weapon other than the shotgun for those invisible Chimera just does not work lol.

The health system of the first and narrative also worked well which i missed in the 2nd game, but i loved the vastness of the 2nd! Being in cities devoid of life only to find they are full of those weird half-converted things... Excellent