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Turn 10 game director Dan Greenawalt believes it'll be difficult for any other dev team to "replicate" what Turn 10 has done with Forza Motorsport 3.

"I've got huge respect for Yamauchi and what the Polyphony Digital team does, they're a great developer. But do I personally feel confident that it would be difficult for any other racing game to do this," he told CVG in regard to Forza 3's physics.

Forza 3 - Suzuka Couse Gameplay footage
1:36  Does Turn-10's latest racer look any different?

Forza 3 - Suzuka Couse Gameplay footage
1:36  Does Turn-10's latest racer look any different?
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Forza 3 - Suzuka Couse Gameplay footage
1:36  Does Turn-10's latest racer look any different?
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"We run our physics at 360Hz," added Greenawalt. "I don't know of any other game that does that. That takes a commitment to physics, not just about making sure you have beautiful graphics.

"Forza 2 had great physics and okay graphics. Now Forza 3 has great physics and great graphics, because we learned more about the box. But we still prioritise physics first, not graphics first. That is one of the differences.

"Gran Turismo is a great game and when it comes out I'll play it. But I think that without the partnerships and without the commitment, it will be very difficult for another team to replicate what we've done."


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Great big wall of uncoded text. Other then that, i honestly think that GT 5 will be able to give forza a big boot. Let them toot them horn just so it bites them in the ass.

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omg! I broke the thread!! I sorry!!

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Yo GT5, I'm really happy for you and imma let you finish being developed, BUT FORZA 3 IS THE BEST GAME OF ALL TIME!!!

That reminds me of this

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If PD pulls off that angle deformation engine they working on, Forza 3's physcs has nothing on GT5.

Can't they stop with the "we're gods gift to racing in games" thing yet?

if all this talk bites them in the ass, its going to be hilarious.

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why replicate Forza when theres GT??...these guys really need to shut up

I honestly don't think I've ever encountered a developer that's as insecure as Turn 10. Seriously, every day it's a new article about how Gran Turismo 5 can't live up to Forza 3 despite the fact that given what we know about GT5 it's set to be better than Forza 3 in just about every way.