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"we always want to have something that exploits the unique capabilities of a platform" - Nuff said for me. I'm sold. I already love the idea of Project Natal, and by Mark Rein saying they'll support it, developers are taking it seriously, and i'm really looking forward to what can be done.

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JaggedSac said:
Sounds like they are building Natal support into their engines.

Ricochet was built using UE.

I'm glad you noticed this.  If I understand what he's saying right, its about UE3 support of Natal functionality, not so much that all Epic games will be Natal games.  That's a selling point for developers and publishers that maybe want to use a proven engine to make Natal-supported games.

Yes, this is PR for UE3.  Hope everyone understands that and responds accordingly.

So every game is gonna have motion controls, awesome. Hopefully it's always optional.

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it will be fascinating to see how this works out

"The two controllers are the little wand controller and the other one is a joystick - and it's a joystick with a bunch of ribs under it.""Remember the one that nearly destroyed your thumb on the Dreamcast, and on the N64 remember how after you played a game for a couple of hours you had to suck your thumb for a month? It's that kind of controller." "Don't kid yourself - you're going to see more gimmicky, crappy, cheap, I-wish-I-hadn't-bought-it gimmick games based around that controller than you can ever possibly imagine."

"Yeah, I can totally see myself sitting in front of my TV using Natal to play games like Gears of War, Call of Duty, or whatever first-person shooter with my buddies. I want to do a hand signal that tells my friend, "Go over there." Instead of even saying it on Live, I just want to motion, "Go over there." Or if I want to throw a grenade, I just lift my right hand off the controller, throw the grenade, then put my hand back on the controller."

Please, like you can expect effort from someone who was rabid out to mouth hatred for motion controls.

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This will be interesting.




pew pew pew.
i can't picture it without being hilarious.