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This game looks great, I really, really can't wait for it, HD images here


2010 is fast approaching.  And with it around the bend will be Red Dead Redemption – a Western action experience like nothing you’ve played before.

Much more information as well as media are coming in the next few weeks – for now, check out this set of exclusive new screenshots, showing protagonist John Marston in action on foot, and on steed.

Full size HD screenshot versions available over at www.rockstargames.com/reddeadredemption

(A former outlaw riding across the last remnants of the Old Frontier at sunset.)

(Engaging in a late evening gunfight in a Mexican village.)

(Chasing a train overtaken by marauders.)

(Stepping out of the shadows to administer justice on an intruder.)


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wow looks nice

wild west?

All hail the KING, Andrespetmonkey

Looks amazing, the first game was one of my fave PS2 games.

Hopefully they make this like Gun, with the sandbox type gameplay.

I am surprised at how little this is hyped, every preview I have read has been incredibly positive, this is really going to be a fantastic game

i LOVED the first, however i would like it to be more sandbox but keep the fun level design from the first (which is kinda challenging since it will be a sandbox)

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Wooo! Been some time since new images or info came up. I'm hyped for this! Too bad its 2010 so I won't be able to play it this year yet :(

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Been looking forward to this for a while! Its going to be great.

Have to agree with Munkeh - not much has been said about this.