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And with the most recent NPD numbers the situation for the PS3 seems a little precarious.  But maybe the PS3 will do better with the recent price cuts.


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what about worldwide whats selling better for their time gc or ps3 because for gc vgchartz doesnt have others data

Ok Whos wants a flamesuit... *steps into flamesuit*

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PS3 is behind the Gamecube? 

I didn't think it was that bad.

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PS3 sells better in Europe than America, same thing last gen with PS2.

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RobMate said:
Ok Whos wants a flamesuit... *steps into flamesuit*

ill take one

hmmm who didn't know already? Yes it does currently, but the systems do have different problems: The problem of the PS3 is(was) the price, the gamecube had alway a mass market price. The game cubs problem was the third party support. OK PS3 has currently also a problem with its lineup, but thats about to change (at least in march). So I wouldn't count on it to stay that way forever :o)

now is that a based number or just asumption


I think I'll just quote a post I did a few minutes ago in another thread. It's much more on-topic here anyway.

But you have to admit, they've been seriously improving their marketing strategy lately. After all, they've done all the major points I had on my list of things that should be done for the PS3 to do better than the Gamecube:

1. Cut prices as much as you can without getting lynched by shareholders, other Sony divisions etc.
2. Buy exclusives. They're the reason people by consoles, and the PS3 having both the highest development fees and poorest sales isn't helping.
3. Shut up your stupid PR people.

Admittedly we still get some fairly ridiculous stuff from Sony people every now and then, but it's nothing like the 24/7 nonstop wtf-fest we had six months before and after the PS3 launch.

Actually the strongest market by volume sold up till this point is still North America. I would actually be very concerned if Europe bypassed North America in volume sold. Especially given that North America got the machine first, got the full hardware configuration, and got it at a better price. That only makes the numbers appear more abysmal.

Unfortunately the article is outdated, and is over two weeks old. That tells us nothing about the performance at this point, or more specifically are the numbers better or worse then they were a month ago. When the chart was probably compiled. That could be someones mission I suppose. I would expect the numbers are still as bad as they were. Given that nothing has caused sales to launch up in North America.