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Diomedes1976 said: Its curious ,when it was Sony who dominated the market many people were talking and talking about how the monopoly is bad ,about how it would be better to have many successful consoles ,how it was oppresing for the industry to have such a thing as a clear leader ,how unsuportable was the situation ,how the casuals were driving the industry and were sorry about that . Now that it is Nintendo controlling more than Sony in its best times and with a cheapo console specifically built for casual gamers everybody here seems very happy . The song of the fanboy ,thats what this thread is .Hypocresy would be another name .
And only a Sony fanboy would make such a silly statements. Majority does not equal monopoly. How are you even equating Nintendo's current success with a monopoly? Especially give the X360 is still leading world wide. Let's not forget you are making one incredibly huge blanket statement as if your accusation were the thought process of all Nintendo gamers.