PS3 will FLY past 30 MILLION this year 100%

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Well your analysis really make it tough to argue against it. The PS3 should easily match last years 360 numbers and probably surpass them. So I see 30-31M as a strong possibilty.

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makingmusic476 said:

Yeah, it probably will.  And SF, you left out the week ending September 28th, 2008 in your calculations.

From the 28th of September, 2008, to the 3rd of January, 2009, the PS3 and 360 sold the following amounts:

Console PS3 X360

The PS3 would have to sell 400k less units from now until the end of the year as the 360 did last year to reach 30 million - 5.45 million.  It's certainly possible.

The 360 dropped to $199 on September 5th of last year.  The following graph shows the 360's sales from the surrounding timeframe:


As you can see, the 360 didn't have near the spike the ps3 did following the price cut, nor did it have as sustained weekly sales. It took until the week ending 10/26/08 for the 360 to even top 200k during one week.  The ps3 obviously has far more momentum from its price cut compared to the 360 last year, and it should outperform the 360 from last year over the holidays.  That's not even taking things like Final Fantasy XIII into the equation.

It is highly probable that the ps3 will top 30 million before the year is out.

Good analysis....

I'm still keeping my prediction modest: 28.5-30mill at best...


mmm, somehow I ended up with 4m X360s during last holidays so that's why I predicted PS3 would sell only up to 29.71m units until year's end. Alright, so I re-do my numbers and predict 31.27m units until January.






I predict that this year's economy is worse than last year. PS3 will fail its predictions

Repent or be destroyed

No i think it will only hit 28 million.




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32M or I go on a Hunger Strike

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Serious_frusting said:
Chairman-Mao said:
5.45 million units in 3 months, I don't know about that. That's 419,000 per week. Not saying it can't be done but the only week the PS3 has even reached 400,000 was the price drop week I think. (please correct me if I'm wrong on that).

And yes I know theres a Christmas boost but still.

So are you saying that the 360's holiday 2008 will be greater then the PS3's holiday 2009?

I should admit I just read the thread title, posted, then read your analysis and I will admit I was wrong. By your analysis I think the PS3 could do 30 million. I'd give it about a 70% shot at making 30 million, and a 99.9999999% chance of making 29 million.

Didn't the PS3 sold now more than the original Xbox?

I thought the Xbox sold 24,58...something like that?


Did gt5 realy get delayed because sony wont have enougth ps3's to ship out because we all no gt5 will be sonys biggest game?
and the ps3 should hit 31 million + by the end of december.

A good point was brought up with the unit shipping... how many PS3Slims can sony shove out a month? Also we already are seeing the shift in 360/PS3 sales in the US and I hesitate to call Sony's numbers anything but pent up demand for now. Alot of poeple point out the 360 sales, but as far as I can see the decent spike and then drop shows that Microsoft is more able to provide the price point that people want and they went on to sell massively the last two months. This is Microsoft's 5th holiday with the Xbox 360 and they've topped their numbers each year... I'm not saying they can do it this year, but I doubt that Sony's going to do it either. I think that the US is really going to be the deciding factor in wether Sony can hit that 30 million mark or not... I should go look at my predition I think I predicted 30million by years end for the PS3.