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dallas said: So....this is going to be nintendo's attempt to compete with DDR, eh?
Well, EAs. I suspect the Wii will get a DDR as well. re: a pass-through microphone, that would seem to seriously impede movement to have so much stuff strung together. Perhaps they'll simply package it with a separate bluetooth microphone/headset.

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dallas said: So....this is going to be nintendo's attempt to compete with DDR, eh?
Actually this is EA's new project and Konami already announced "DDR - Hottest Party" for Wii at their game conference where they also announced Dewey's Adventure.

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Not so much love as mild attraction. Perfect way to utilize Wii.

It's not weird at all that EA is giving the Wii a lot of love. First of all they missed out on launch yet still had some strong sales with that of Madden. Secondly the Wii has such a fast growing base in America and the rest of the world that such a big corporation can't afford to miss out on this. And thirdly EA is really starting to think big. They know Nintendo has a stronghold in software sales on their own consoles. I mean it's expected. So EA is understands the only way it can beat out a Nintendo game is to match it. Which basically means crappy ports or multiplatform just ain't going to do it. They have to make those multiplatform Wii special. They have to make those ports huge and unique when it goes over. And to top it off they got to bring big exclusives over. If you've noticed that EA games on the Wii are the ones tending not to suck. This is why. They are shooting for the stars and I like it.

wii games tend to be cheaper on graphics development, more resources can be shifted to gameplay. in addition morale would be low for studios where the programmers are working just on the mundane hardcore graphics part of a game. we all work better when we feel we're part of creating something new and novel.

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