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Well this post is just full of nuts isn't it?

In other news, has anyone watched this nice youtube explanation of Disruptive Innovation?:


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Please don't lump the DS into this nonsense. It's so powerful to gamers of all walks of life that it will eat your children in a finely cooked stew. DS is absolutely godly.

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ShadowSoldier said:
Onimusha12 said:

Let’s face it, Sony and MS steam roll us with game after game for their consoles, show developer after developer willing to bend over backwards for them, show great things they plan to do for their new upcoming gaming peripherals. Meanwhile no one seriously gave wii motion controls a real effort… and Nintendo just plugs along…

Despite all their setbacks it’s clear that Microsoft and Sony are infinitely more adept at adapting to setbacks and re-training market focus to their favor. They’re making lemonade from lemons and damn tasty lemonade at that.

Basically everything that Wii gamers had claimed would happen for the Wii back in 2006/2007 has happened for the PS3. The Wii would eventually win over the core gamer, but it was the PS3 that is slowly doing so. The Wii has loads of quality games on the way, but it is only the PS3 that has delivered on delayed quality this generation.

While this generation is a lost cause for Nintendo in regards to core gaming, there is hope for the next gen, assuming Nintendo is smart enough to give the consumer what they want. We’ve already seen Nintendo dump massive amounts of revenue into new studios for developers and create a sub-company dedicated towards quality control. However…

From the outset, Nintendo faced many problems this generation:

-         Developers entered this generation not wanting to seriously support Nintendo.

-         Nintendo worked poorly with third party developers and failed to back third party titles.

-         Nintendo failed to diversify their image and product appeal, relying too heavily on casual gaming.

-         Nintendo did not cultivate the Wii to be a console geared towards selling a variety of software.

-         Nintendo was not prepared for the success of the Wii, lacked the infrastructure and second party studios to create a software snowball effect that is needed to get any console to become a viable software selling machine

In the end, its largely Nintendo’s inability to please third party developers and create a product that will sell their games. Nintendo can recover from this, but while gaining considerable ground this generation, they’ve lost their golden opportunity to take the market back, assuming that was even possible given their inbound handicap.

Nintendo needs to learn from Microsoft and Sony or they’ll end up losing the casual market to them too in due time. Nintendo needs to be willing to pay money out of their own pockets to get quality third party games put on their console.

While I’m sure some of you are just content with the way things are going for the Wii and DS, there are those of us who see that Nintendo can do more.

I 100% Agree. People say the core abandoned Nintendo? Not true especially during the Gamecube/N64 era it was the core gamer that kept them afloat. I find it ironic that it was Nintendo who invented the quality assurance seal during the NES days and today they have mostly shovelware doing exceptionally well on their system.

Except Shovelware sells terribly on the Wii

@ Soriku

You're right honestly, this is basially a day late and a dollar short summation.

Good, the core market is a dead end fringe market, why should Nintendo chase them when there are blue oceans to sail


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Still with this nonsense? What is this a time warp to 2007?

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Onimusha12 said:

-         Nintendo was not prepared for the success of the Wii, lacked the infrastructure and second party studios to create a software snowball effect that is needed to get any console to become a viable software selling machine


So the fastest selling console in videogames history, with many of its games in the all-time TOP100 videogames sales, is not a "viable" software selling machine?

I just wanted to reply to that particular point in your post, but i'm afraid there are many other things wrong as well...

Nintendo isn't the one to blame, when many 3rd parties don't want to put some real efforts and real investments for the most successful console this gen: of course, you could say that Nintendo could hire more people, and buy some creative 2nd party as well, to create even more games on their own...

But then, everyone in the industry will blame them for another "good" reason: only Nintendo games sell well on Nintendo consoles, there's no room for others... it's nothing new, we've heard this for ages and ages, and someone well informed like you should know better...

But really, do you think Nintendo has something to learn from Sony and Microsoft? Like what? Losing billions and billions of dollars just to stay relevant this gen? Make very expensive games for very expensive consoles, games which then need to sell at least one million copies (if not two), just to start being profitable?

This solution is "viable" for the 10 or 20 blockbusters released each year, but what about all the other creative "niche" games? These games will never sell millions and millions of copies, so what? They don't have the right to exist anymore, because "only" 200.000 people want to play them?

If that's the future you want for this industry, be prepared for a real disaster, economically, and creatively... and don't blame Nintendo, then...



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Onimusha12 said:
Your words encourage me and I certainly hope your optimism pays off, but things clearly need to developer better for third party support.

Monster Hunter and Dragon Quest are fine and all, but there is no garantee these will in anyway validate the Wi or for every quality franchise the Wii gets, those developers give five fold to other platforms.

Even then DS an Wii sales slow and consoles like the 360, PS3 and PSP continue to gain steadily.

Still let's hope intendo can continue to turn things to their favor. I think it would be wise to use their foothold in casual gaming with the Wii to slowly take back other demograhics.

Yes, the competition for the Wii has increased in sales at the expense of Wii sales. They have both dropped the price 2-3 times however, and the Wii is at the launch price. Market saturation eventually occurs.

No, not every "core" series goes to the Wii. Not every "core" series goes to any individual system. Not even the PS2 had them all. Don't be absurd with your expectations and you won't be disapointed. Nintendo has continued to be better with developer relations, but it is hard to fix burned bridges. No company will forget the last 3 generations so quickly. There is a series of core games coming out, from third parties, before the end of this fiscal year. A lot of it looks to be Q1 2010, but thats just the name of the game for all systems right now. If you want the games another platform offers then I suggest you pick it up, but don't pretend there is nothing offered as an alternative on the Wii.

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Still is it wrong to want more from a console?

Is it wrong to want more from the Wii?

Yes they lost the core market completely, but what does it matter? Differentiation is good. Anyone interested in 'core' games can buy a cheap X360 as a compliment to his Wii.

Onimusha12 said:
Still is it wrong to want more from a console?

Is it wrong to want more from the Wii?

Yes that is wrong, because it's gaming gluttony, which is one of the seven deadly gaming sins.

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