Why cant the Xbox 360 have a browser on it?

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The only console browser I liked was the Wii, and it still has its problems. I tried the PS3's browser and completely hated it except for the fact I could watch Hulu on it. Without Hulu there's no point in ever using the browser again. Getting a browser on the 360 would amount to very little for both Microsoft and the user base.

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I've always wondered that. The psp has a browser built right in and I've never had a problem with it. Phones have browsers that work just fine. There's no real big reason that the 360 can't do what another console, a hand held, and phones do.

The only thing that isn't there is the demand. Most people just use a laptop/pc if they want to browse.

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Put me down with the console browsers suck group.

placidcasual said:
So they can announce deals with Facebook and Last FM as if they are the greatest thing ever despite the fact they can be accessed on other console browsers.

I cant access Last FM from my Ps3 or Wii browser. I tried it. I guess its because theres no flash

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Skeeuk said:
yo_john117 said:

Do you really want to massively increase your 360's chance of getting viruses and such?

as jhon states above.^

it would almost be suicide for microsoft to include a browser on 360, hackers will target it big time. and would be to much headache for 360 owners.

a browser is something they could implement tomorrow, all they need is a chopped down version of ie for the 360 system, but because of hacking and visuses it would be no point.

Thats what i thought about when trying to find a reason. Has there been any hacks from the browsers on wii and ps3?

Playing 360 games, downloading 360 movies, downloading 360 TV shows, downloading arcade games (which are pretty much almost all $10, now), paying for 360 strategy videos, buying game add-ons, seeing 360 ads, buying 360 music videos, and using XBox Live Gold.

That puts $$$ in Microsoft's pocket. Watching Youtube or playing free flash games does not.

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Because console browsers SUCK??? Compared to no browser, i'll take a sucky browser. On my ps3, I basically add to favorites sites that seem to work well with it, you can download mp3s, pictures and videos like hd game trailers and immediately view on my 1080 big screen. And sometimes I just want to check the news like cnn.com, gaming news sites, etc. from my couch. A few sites are buggy with the ps3 browser, maybe 10%, but it seems to get better with every firmware update. So i'd say it's a plus having the built in browser. Check out jimmyr.com, it has a google parameter search for mp3s, works pretty good. Download right to your ps3 hard drive and play...

hmm, people seem to be missing the whole point of the ps3 browser...it's not there to try and compete with ie or firefox, i'm pretty sure sony is aware that the ps3 browser sucks in comparision, but a simple browser adds functionality to the console. the ps3 browser allows youtube access, something a 360 can't do; twitter and facebook access, something ms have to integrate; bbc iplayer, once again, something the 360 can't do. whilst ms are bragging about having twitter integration for the 360, the ps3 was doing all that before it even realised.

360 has no browser?  WTF is this BAM!  Fucking amazing what you can do with that crazy little oft forgotten feature on the 360  call Media Center Extender


How about a NES emulator? BAM