The Official 5 week Sept USA NPD Thread (Data released ~6:30 pm 10/18/2007)

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Xbox 360 527.8K

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Wow, the PS3 is still lagging around a hundred thousand in sales, good numbers for the 360, but now that Halo is gone its back to Wii on top, I could see Wii getting into the 1.5-2 million range for Novemeber with Galaxy


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@ Fisheyjoe

Wow, Futurama is my favorite show and somehow I've gone 6months without noticing that reference.

Yeah, save for the PS3 unbelievably bad numbers, everything was pretty much in line with expectations. Well, except for the believe amongst soome that millions upon millions of Halo fanboys were going to buy a 360 the day Halo 3 came out. That appears to have been a bit exaggerated (as I fully expected).

Stranglehold (Xbox 360) 104,200
Madden NFL 08 (PS3) 61,800
Lair (PS3) 57,800


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Incredible numbers for Halo 3, I really didn't expect it to get above 3M.

Xbox 360 and Wii both did great, ioi was about right when you look at the difference between the 2, but they're both around 50k too low. PS3 is actually doing worse than ioi's numbers, Sony is not in a position to envy at the moment.

Software seems to be too high across the board, except for Halo and Wii Play. Madden PS2 beats the 360 version this month according to NPD, even though 360 had such a killer month in hardware sales.

FishyJoe said:
Oh yeah, definitive proof that VGC stats are not Wii biased.

 I dont think the numbers have ever been the problem, but people like you clearly are.  Your blatent fanboish bias makes this place and its number look bad.  

WoW. The software was really off.

Very nice Dolla.

The PS3 drop is even worse than it looks when you consider that Sept is 5 weeks. That puts the weekly average at 23,800 for September vs 35,825 for August. That's a -34% drop. And that's with HS and Warhawk being released in September. We knew it would be a bad month for the PS3 but this is really bad.