Get your free lbp dlc (normally $2.99) (north america only)

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click the lbp link...... get your code...... redeem code in store.....download for free.

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thanks for the link, skip!

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:o that's mighty nice of sony

wut ! i call hax !.. i want in euroep.

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I thought I'd give it ago just incase it worked for UK, fail :(

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Id get it, but hey I have no saved files for LBP! Thank you 60gb for dying on me



how ironic is it that it's called norse mythology.. IE you know.. EUJROPE! :(

Check out my game about moles ^

this code isn't working for me for some reason.
did it work with anyone?

After i enter the code and click continue on the download page. it says an error occured has anyone else had this problem.

I was able to download it just fine.

check your code for characters that are easy to mistake

such as 1, i, and l   ....... 0 and o