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I agree games like Tiger Woods and Wario Ware are perfect for it but games like GTA and many others arnt. PS: Also games like Manhunt were you can cut there heads off with the wii mote. AWESOME!


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Why has the argument that Nintendo makes quality products and this is why they aren't manufacturing enough units not been spoken against? Why in all hell does lower production numbers have to = higher quality. That's complete bollocks. The reason for the number of units currently on the market is because of the financial forecast that Nintendo made in I think December last year (you can read this all here http://press.nintendo.com/docs/corporate/3QEnglishFinancial.pdf) about the fact that they plan on shipping 6 million units to the market by the end of the 1st quarter 2007 (the Japanese Financial Year ends at the end of March). At the moment according to sales on this site they have already surpassed this, so production is already much higher than it should be, especially with the sales in NA for March being excluded from this information. This is good news for Nintendo. After this date, Nintendo will officially be raising Wii production capacity, and thus if the demand continues then the numbers will continue to rise. Does this mean that after the end of March the Wii will no longer be a 'quality' product? No way in hell, they are just increasing capacity as I am sure they will increase their forecast for the next quarter after this date, and the increased production capacity will be relevant to this. Nintendo is also producing the DS Lite currently which is supply constrained across the globe as well, especially in Japan. Sell-in seems to equal sell-thru in Japan currently, that's why you see such high numbers week on week. The argument about Sony being able to increase production capacity is also false. Sony did not increase their manufacturing capacity when the availability of the product was low. Their production capacity was at a set level and the reason for the limited supply was a result of problems with yield quality for the Blue Ray Laser Diode. The PS3 manufacturing plant was waiting to put these parts into the PS3's but if you don't have all the parts of a piece of hardware then you can't build it. Once the initial problems with the Blue Ray Laser Diode were rectified then the PS3 production could go full steam ahead, which was also projected at 6 million by the end of the Japanese financial year (end of March). Thus, both companies seem to be operating on similar forecasts, however it is painstakingly clear that Nintendo has the advantage, and will likely have sold 2x the PS3 within this period, with both companies forecasting the same sales numbers. In the end it comes down to this - Nintendo is currently in the lead and I believe they will continue this year with high demand with increasing supply. I don't believe that Wii will be readily available by this Chrismas. And Soulxxx / Kwaad I simply cannot wait to shut you down when you witness the NA figures for March and you're predictions turn out to be incorrect.

roadkillers said: I agree games like Tiger Woods and Wario Ware are perfect for it but games like GTA and many others arnt. PS: Also games like Manhunt were you can cut there heads off with the wii mote. AWESOME!
Why can't a sandbox game like GTA work on the Wii? EA of all companies proved it could be done exceptionally well with their Godfather port.

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vanguardian1 said: roadkillers said: I agree games like Tiger Woods and Wario Ware are perfect for it but games like GTA and many others arnt. PS: Also games like Manhunt were you can cut there heads off with the wii mote. AWESOME! Why can't a sandbox game like GTA work on the Wii? EA of all companies proved it could be done exceptionally well with their Godfather port.
I agree... screw graphics but if those sandbox style games are done as well as The Godfather then I'm in... that is a hell of a lot of fun to play!!! "EH EH"

Stromprophet said: gamingdevil said: Soulxxx said: I said it in the other thread and I'll say it again, people will eventually find the Wiimote frustrating and arm killing... You know you don't have to throw your hand out of the window to enjoy a Wii Tennis match... I know and everybody knows the PS3 is here to stay... Good sales or not it's gonna give you gameplay/movie playback/graphics like no other [Wii]. All these things (gameplay/movie playback/graphics) are also being offered by PSP and look who wins... DS because it may not offer movie playback/graphics but it offers the most important of the 3 (gameplay) to it's maximum. Same applies to PS3 vs. Wii It also offers a much lower price point and a previously established hand-held generation (GB, GBA) It's not all about the games, graphics, or movies. You wouldn't buy a DS if it was 300 bucks.
Sorry if I missunderstood you here. But are you saying that DS is cheaper than a gameboy? Hasn't it always been more expensive?



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vanguardian1 said: roadkillers said: I agree games like Tiger Woods and Wario Ware are perfect for it but games like GTA and many others arnt. PS: Also games like Manhunt were you can cut there heads off with the wii mote. AWESOME! Why can't a sandbox game like GTA work on the Wii? EA of all companies proved it could be done exceptionally well with their Godfather port.
One small question isn't no more heroes some sort of sandbox game to? And GTA was made on the PS2 once upon a time so why shouldn't Wii be able to handle a Sandbox game?



Buy it and pray to the gods of Sigs: Naznatips!

To all discounting Nintendo's ability to put out product comparing it to Sony & such. Nintendo is smaller than Sony. Nintendo is smaller than Microsoft. Yes all they MAKE is games & playing cards. Sony & Microsoft are conglomerates with extensive resources to draw from. Nintendo might as well be called a "mom & pop corporation" A single focused shop that has done amazingly well but still is one dimensional for the most part and has to account for every penny. That's why you never see them make waste. If they got stupid & overreached themselves they WOULD have ended up like Sega long ago. Sure there are occassional flukes of malfunctioning Wiis. That's to be expected in any manufacturing process. Humans are in the mix. Errors are always going to be made as a result. But as a rule the Wii has shown itself to be a quality system & that's because Nintendo doesn't cut corners on the manufacturing process. That's why they earned that reputation as a quality company that makes durable goods. GameBoys that survive bombings in the Gulf War. Accounts of Game Boy Advances that can be accidentally left in the rain & still function as good as new as soon as the wetness evaporates. Accounts of GBAs falling down fire escapes stories down, cracked up on the ground, yet still working just fine despite the damaged shell. Accounts of DS's forgotten in pockets, washed in washing machines yet still working just fine afterwards. And Gamecubes that survive all kinds of abuse and still operate just fine regardless. I took my Wii over to my cousin's family's house & we were playing a Gamecube game (Mario Party 7) with the GC controllers attached. There was a little kid playing with us about age 5 or something. We had food in the kitchen & took a break to go into the kitchen to get the food leaving the game running & leaving the controllers on the ground. The little kid started to get up with us & accidentally got caught up in the cords. He tripped & pulled the system down to the floor with him when he got tangled up. The game was running live when this happened. The Wii was on an entertainment shelf about 2 1/2 feet or so off of the ground & a carpet was beneath. I inspected the Wii to see if any damage had been caused. The little GC doors on the Wii popped off (as they were supposed to) & I snapped them back on. I looked to see if any problem was made to the disc. Mario Party 7 didn't glitch or show any sign of error. I put the system back where it was & after we ate we went right back to playing. My Wii has never shown any signs of damage afterwards & this happened 2 months ago. If I was playing any other system besides a Nintendo one I wouldn't feel so confident if an incident like that occured. I've dropped my GBA violently on the floor by accident a few times. So bad the batteries popped out & the battery hinge came aloose. Never gave me a problem. All I did was pop the batteries back in & close the battery hinge door. I remember my hand getting slippery playing WarioWare: Twisted one night & that thing flew right out of my hands with velocity onto the hard wooden floor. Still no damage & no signs of damage afterwards regardless of my faux pas. They earned that reputation because they make quality goods. I talked to a Rhino's employee (before it became Gamestop/EB) one day asking about Atari systems after seeing NES controllers & Zappers even NES's in their stores (shocked to see that). He told me Atari's stuff wasn't sold because the systems in general didn't work anymore. But that Nintendo's stuff still worked. I am testament to that because my SNES is 14 years old and still works as good as new. My NES is 18 years old and with the exception of the AC adapter works as well (i gotta replace that adapter). I got a 22 year old Game & Watch Tabletop "Mario's Cement Factory" that works just as good as the day I got it to this day. So knowing this I understand why they must be careful in making their goods. They underestimated demand (who could estimate this phenomenon really?) & now have to ramp up manufacturing. BUT they are not going to sacrifice the process of production just to get stuff in stores. What would be the point in that? Make it right the first time around & you won't have to worry. Quality takes time. I have never liked the lower standards Sony & Co. have brought to this industry. You got people thinking it's common practice to have bad launch products and "beta" "gamma" & "delta" systems that correct the initial production errors. No it wasn't that way. Stuff should be good from launch FIRST. NOT Second. If I'm paying hard-earned money to buy your product it should be working the FIRST time around flukes aside. The PS2 errors are well-known & these aren't ones like the infamous NES front loader which was just an annoyance (as well as a necessity to help revive the games industry in the first place so it's forgiven) these were problems that forced people to rebuy the systems after the original one stopped working. I actually wanted a PS2 at one time to play all the PS1 games I missed as well as the new library. But after learning this I didn't feel comfortable putting that kind of investment behind something that wasn't gonna last. I'm a pack rat & I keep stuff for decades. I expect what I buy to last with me. I got a GE alarm clock I've had since I was 6 & that makes it 25 years old. It still works. Still with that loud alarm! LOL! Look over these links before you dismiss Nintendo's commitment to quality. That quality is the prime reason I had no qualms buying a Wii at launch. I expect quality out of ANY company I buy things from. Gulf War Game Boy at Nintendo World Store G4 Console Damage Test *HARDCORE* Console Damage Test! Gamecube car drag test (one of the coolest clips) John Lucas

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Europeans Reject the PS3 Due to High Price http://www.playfuls.com/news_06713_Europeans_Reject_the_PS3_Due_to_High_Price.html Although the media characterized PS3’s launch in Europe as “controversial”, regular gaming fans all over the continent reported that in their countries Sony’s console stalls on stores’ shelves. Desperate to get good press after a series of disasters (both concerning the PR and the manufacturing circuit), Sony readied at least 1 million consoles for the European debut of its next-gen gaming console, in order to stop any type of criticism that might appear. Sony's senior PR manager for Europe, Jonathan Fargher, made the best resume for this kind of situation, in an interview with GameSpot UK: ”We're almost in a lose-lose situation--if we sell out on day one, then people will ask why we couldn't possibly have met demand, and that we should have been aware of the high demand for the machine. But if we don't sell out on day one because we've put steps in place to make sure that there's a steady stream of stock into retail, there's a large number of units on day one, then people will question why we haven't sold out.” That is of course true and perfectly logical. But despite Phil Harrison’s attempt to make the PS3 more attractive ("There are benefits for European consumers. There are more games available, more Blu-ray movies, and we've updated the online PlayStation network.") Euro-gamers treated the launch with more indifference than anywhere else in the world. And although official reports from Sony are not yet available concerning the success or failure of PS3, a few sites here in Europe have already posted the genuine reports coming from regular fans, which are not favorable to Sony. In Sweden for example, a report shows that most of the retailers are “fully equipped” with PS3s, a similar situation occurring in Britain and Denmark, but also suggests that until now few are interesting in buying one. Most of them look for a Wii. Replies to the article further confirm that Euro-skepticism is now a concept that can be applied to PS3 too. Apparently, in Germany the PlayStation 3 has not been met with enthusiasm, while in Spain everyone wants a Wii, not a PS3. What is probably even more interesting is that in Finland PS3’s launch party was apparently obnubilated spiced up with a pornographic show… But the most “famous” failed debut by far was in the French territory, where 95% of the consoles available at launch site remained unsold. Although Sony officials were expecting at least 3000 persons- and for that had mobilized 40 police officers- only 50 true-blue fans showed up. The co-organizers of the Paris event called it…a “non-event”. The UK launch (meaning the March 23 event) was probably the most successful on the continent, which is a paradox considering that the British get the console for the highest price (GBP 425). Sony thought at “sweetening” the offer by giving away 100 HD TVs to the first 100 buyers. Sony said it was the biggest console launch ever seen in Britain, with 220,000 machines distributed around the country in preparation for high demand from shoppers. Despite the efforts, some fans were just not satisfied. One British fan said on GameSpot that: “As a hardcore gamer I've not missed a console launch since I got an Atari 2600 as an Xmas present in 1978, but I'd not pay £425 for a games console, I'm the demographic that Sony is aiming for, buys loads of games has money to burn. But at that price its not worth it. […] I'm lucky that I get to go on Business to Japan once in a while (I work for Honda), so I bought my PS3 for £260 in Tokyo 3 months ago, So how come the PS3 is £260 in Japan and £425 in Europe, Japanese wages are higher than European wages, Shipping don’t cost £165 a time. We are ripped off in Europe all the time and we let them do it. I paid £179 for my Wii, its £120 in Japan ,the 360 is £280 in the UK and around £220 in the US, so that’s about a £60 difference both times, ok I can live with that, but a £165 difference, do Sony think Europeans are stupid?” However, outside Virgin Megastore on London’s Oxford Street there was only one person- 17-year-old Rihatsu Thomas- to stand in line to get his PS3: “I thought there would be more people here,” he said. “I hope some more people come soon.”
PS3 PAL launch - a flop or not? http://www.itwire.com.au/content/view/10806/1092/ There has been a lot of talk about the Sony Playstation 3 launch. Much of the focus has been on the especially embarrassing Australian launch, where reportedly the press outnumbered the fans. But really, should Sony be concerned? Do we have midnight launches for new Blu-ray disc players? Is there supposed to be a party with radio personalities when a new media center hits the market? No, then why did we expect much more from the Sony launch of their new entertainment hub? Many web sites, including the respected game bloggers at Kotaku, gave tongue in cheek reports of the Friday midnight PAL launch of the PS3, the lack of people turning up to the flagship launch was indeed embarrassing for Sony, this was to be the hype starter for a media bombardment foisting new technology into the hearts and wallets of a new gaming generation. In the UK the PS3 launch was met with trepidation amongst authorities, with police banning the midnight openings at some retailers, and Sony giving away 46" HD TVs in oxford street to surprisingly sparse crowds. It would seem the launch has flopped, as my collegue Stan points out, in this country other than the initial pre-orders, sales of the PS3 are a fizzer. In fact a quick ring around of retailers in the busy Melbourne CBD today indicated no shortage of stock, and sales people ready to deal. A flop? Or good stock planning on behalf of Sony? Even Microsoft has taken the opportunity to put a few barbs in with Neil Thompson, Microsofts Regional director for UK and Irleand recently quoted; "In the technology and gaming there's really little in the PS3 where I can say, 'Gosh, I wish we had that'," Thompson said "The biggest threat that Sony has for us is the brand that's been established around it." Microsoft are feeling so calm about the situation, that no price cut is evident for the Xbox 360 in the short to medium term, Although the new Black Xbox 360 on the horizon will boost appeal as well. It is not all doom and gloom however for Sony, our neighbors in New Zealand seem to have gone PS3 nuts, if this report from The New Zealand Herald is any indication. Part of the article goes on to compare the PS3 launch frenzy with that of the Nintendo Wii phenomon; Dick Smith merchandise manager James Cunnold said advance sales of PS3 had exceeded that of its predecessors, PlayStation 1 and 2, and rival console Xbox 360."Pre-orders are five times that of Nintendo Wii. Our expectation is that this is going to be our biggest gaming launch." Mr Cunnold said many buyers were opting for the company's bundle deal, which gives an extra controller, two games and 18 months interest-free for NZ$1495. My 2 cents worth; As I, and many here at iTWire have said. Sony has changed its target demographic with this console release. Perhaps it would have been wise to avoid the whole "midnight launch" idea in the first place. Launched the console as a media hub and accepted that niche. Let all the Blu-ray early adopters get in on the act and then target the gamers at a later stage, when the game line up is more varied, critically acclaimed and able to show the true power of the PS3, and perhaps with an associated price drop. In the long run, Sony will shift units, the PS3 will thrive and be part of the technological landscape for a long time to come. Once more, Sony exec's will need to weather the PR storm, derision from competitors and slow but steady sales of the third iteration of one of the most enduring icons of gaming culture.

The frontpage only accounts for 0.5 million sold in the PAL territory .I suppose they will have to rectify once real data starts to roll . Speaking of the article here http://www.playfuls.com/news_06713_Europeans_Reject_the_PS3_Due_to_High_Price.html ....its curious as I live in Spain and I dont see this "everybody wants a Wii " anywhere .If fact ,the Wii is easily found in great numbers in the stores as the Sony haters would say ....." collecting dust in the shelves " and nobody even blinking at it .It had a great hype some 3 months a go .It was still hard to find two months ago due to low suply .OK .But thats over ,stop with the "its sold out everywhere !" crap .It simply isnt true .As for the PS3 ,I dont know numbers for many countries so I cant give those .In my country it seems to be sold out at the electronics ,videogames and sombe big shops ,while units remain at some smaller and not specific stores.Its not a sold out ,not yet ,but after Sony Spain between 110K and 130K have been shipped right now so sales around 85K or so seems very plausible .

@ Diomedes maybe it is different in spain - but honestly: in our shops there are only few wiis left (seems austria got new wii delivery last week) but you can buy as much ps3 as you wanna