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4105 points i have



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Coca-Cola said:
How many achievement points for the ORange Box? Three awesome game = 3000?
Hoping to pass 7000 by February.

 99 Achievements for 1000 points.

950 billion and 3

Gamerscore = 27,241

Had my console since Jan 06 and I'm on the Blockbuster Game Pass which is a great deal. If you own and generally regret buying games, start renting. For the cost of buying 1 game, I can rent unlimited games for 3 months.

Sounds like a commercial, huh? :)

mundurden said:
I'm at a measly 3500. Haven't completed all achievements for a single game yet, probably never will.

I think I just had my 6th 1,000 point game: Madden 08...


If I don't enjoy a game, I skip gamerscore all together and go back to Blockbuster ^^^ for a new one.

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I havent played my X360 for a while, I should have bought cod4 for the X360 instead of the ps3.


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PS3: 22M

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25.500 !!!! growing fast

Gamertag : Dark Red Icarus  

Gamerscore : 29000!!!! still growing

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Ive got 12745/25000

Currently Playing: Gears 2, World at War, GTA IV, Banjo Nuts and Bolts

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2500 or so on my current account, had 8000 on my old account.