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Mines now over 9000. Seriously, it is 9325. Orange Box should put me over the 10k mark.

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i've got 10,094 points. i had about 8,400 a few weeks ago but i made it a goal to break the 10k mark before the end of the year.

I'm at a measly 3500. Haven't completed all achievements for a single game yet, probably never will.

It's funny, these points mean pretty much nothing, aside from bragging rights, and yet they're so addicting. I keep checking my friends' scores and what achievements they've accomplished just to make sure I'm ahead of them or as a way to catch up.

So silly yet genius on M$'s part.

Wii games(aside from MP3) should definitely incorporate something similar to keep people coming back.

I have over 30 360 games, and my gamerscore is less than 5000! Some of my games (WWE 2006, Table Tennis, Fight Night) are practically giving away achievement points, but I work too many hours, and support too many consoles, to earn them.

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40-something I think. I got something playing Halo 3 co-op

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2915.  It's been that way for a loooong time now though.

25,110 pts !!!!!!

I break the 25,000 finally !!!!!

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Mine's up to 3200 something.

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love leo-j comment

mine is 6700

How many achievement points for the ORange Box? Three awesome game = 3000?
Hoping to pass 7000 by February.