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In total between my 2 accounts, just over 2000 points. I have over 1100 on the XBL account and +900 or so on my offline profile, which was what I was using before I signed up for XBL.

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4,704 for me

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Nobody on the site comes close to MrStickBall, he is well over 34k. As for me, just check my sig.

im at 7200, and i still have yet to get more then 70 off ES...........danmit

also have only 30 on madden 07...........danmit
still havent beat halo 3 legendary.........danmit
still havent played gears online.........danmit
still only have 500 points from ME............danmit
Ive got almost 800 from AC already though ^.^

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Darc Requiem said:
Nobody on the site comes close to MrStickBall, he is well over 34k. As for me, just check my sig.

Well it seems my reign was short...

I bow in front of you MrStikBall


I've played around 113 games on my 360 (5 sports games only, the easiest way to gain points). I take the time to try many of the games that release on any console. Honestly, it's not that hard to get a high Gamerscore, many of the game gave you a lot of points just by finishing it. Bioshock for exemple, you can make 700 pts in one playthrough, 850 for Assassin's Creed or 450 with Mass Effect. There's also many games like TMNT or King Kong that gave you the 1000 pts just by finishing them.

There's other games where you have to take time just to have pts. I have 1060 pts on Oblivion and I'm satisfied with the time I passed on it. There's also many people that think I'm crazy because I have 980 pts on Viva Pinata !!!! I'm missing the 50 hours of play time achivement.

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By the way I'm at 24.925 pts right now.

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Gamerscore : 29000!!!! still growing

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i'm at 6630 so far, trying to get all the half life 2 achievements




getting close to 1000 but I have tons of games I haven't got the 1000... I have to play them again.... if I do so I should be raound 17000 soon... but I don't know if I feel like redoing some games just to pick up stupid stuff in the level... I love achievements when they are interesting.. I hate when they say collect all those things in the game to get 50 points... I mean come on... in crackdown that was anoying as hell... it can be fun when it's like 1 item in each levels... but when they start to ask you to collect a gazilion sphere.. it's plain dumb... imo...
or when in enchanted arms they ask you to collect and boost to maximum all the golems... come on guys... I finished a game that has almost no replayability value beside playing it with different golems.... I won't bother power gaming on dozens of golems just to get their stat at 100% for an achievement...
I understand the principle of rewarding the effort of a player... but come on sometimes you wonder if they don't chose to put that many sphere or golems and that reward because they couldn't think of something more creative...
when I see a guy that have that kind of reward.. I'm not impressed it just tells me the guy has a lot of time to waist on videogames... but not impressive gaming skills...
but I do like the concpt and brag against my friends when I have a total higher or did better on some games...