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Firstly if you do not care about Metacritic there is no reason to enter this thread, it's pretty clear what this thread is about. Now Gran Turismo mobile got a very bad review from IGN, Eurogamer and CVG with most people on the internets going bad shit insane over the scores. So far on Metacritic the game has 9 reviews and the average score is 79 with my prediction being that the game will settle at a score of 70.

It seems most reviewers had a tremendous issue with the game having no career mode and also no online which is also the problem I have. In hindsight it's a handheld game and understand it being a "pick up and play" title but still I am not happy about it. If it had online and any kind of career mode it would easily have been 80+ at the end.

The fact that Motorstorm: AE has features like 10 cars at a time, damage, online etc it shows how badly PD dropped the ball on this one.


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very very bad when God Of War, GTA, Final Fantasy, Mario Kart, Zelda......all fanchises with huge brand strength like Gran Turismo (except for GOW which is lower) managed to translate well to portables.

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Disclaimer - I don't actually care about metacritic, which is why I give a big long block of text before blurting out a number :P

With that out of the way I predict that unlike most games, which get their best reviews earliest (those most excited to review it will do so first) and thus their metacritic score starts high and drops.

I predict that GT portable's score will rise from here. It was reviewed early by people who are big fans of GT4 and are looking forward to GT5. Those are the games it is being compared to. Later on will be the reviewers that aren't such GT fanatics, and will review it as a game on its own, not holding it to such high standards

Final score = 83

I dunno, the design seems like a good idea to me, though perhaps not the lack of online. I don't know if the typical gamer prefers the simplicity and ease of this version, or the direction and progress of a career mode.

Though reviewers have a tendency to hold bad reviews back for big games sometimes, so it should lower a bit.


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no lower than 80

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Meh, I prefer fast paced arcadey games on the go i.e Ridge Racer, Wipeout Pulse/Pure, and I'm really looking forward to Motorstorm AE

I dont see your logic comparing MS to GT.... and MS doesnt have 700 cars... your point?



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70-80 somewhere