Will GT:PSP STILL sell well? (NA Pre-Orders = 15K)....(reviews = average)

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The reviews are basically not great......mainly negative

I trust IGN the most.....n they have given their verdict (6.8/10)

PRE_ORDERS in NA are at 15K (according to ioi in the american pre-orders wall post thing).....the game is merely 2 weeks away......15K....the game is LOWER than Persona PSP in pre-orders which I think is sickening

can GT:PSP still sell well?

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I think 3 million isn't out of the question.

Don't expect the series usual numbers though.

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well i'm sure it will do alright, since it is GT of coarse....but I doubt we'll see fantastic numbers in NA, hope i'll be wrong though...

im sure it will do well worldwide, i want to see how much it sells at xmas time.

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Eventually, probably over 50k first week in America, and then it will sell even better in Europe

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190k first week.



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Reviews aren't the gospel but I don't think Gran Turismo is a series that lends itself well to handheld-style gameplay. Just my opinion.

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Its been shown time and time again that you give something the Japanese want to play on a handheld they'll buy it... I think 700k in Japan alone... 1.4 million in Europe and no clue in NA. Hopefully another 500-600k

Will do really well in Europe and probably Japan.

America sales will be very meh.

Downloads included, i think it will sell very well.

It'll sell well.... for a PSP game.