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The difficulty balancing across Driving Challenge is decent, with the bronze medal usually attainable, but you can also skip tasks if you struggle.

You could argue that you're getting all the content you could possibly want and are then invited to explore it without restriction, and it's certainly possible to enjoy the game like this. I've lost countless hours over the weekend hunting down slippery sports cars, turning off all the assists and fiddling with Quick Tune, and then pitching them against hectic circuits in Drift Trial, my particular favourite.

But structured single-player career modes are more than just fuss; they're a way to regulate difficulty, excitement and choice so that the player gets just enough of each on an ongoing basis. Relying on players to make their own fun is either lazy or foolhardy. Coupled with archaic AI and the isolating absence of PlayStation Network support, this makes for a game that feels unfocused and regressive, despite its considerable technical and mechanical accomplishments.



This is the conclusion part BTW.....for full reviews follow the link

hmmmm......well I am VERY disappointed by this score

Not including prologues I think this is one of the if not the worst score a GT has got.......even though eurogamer is harsh imo

{goes of into a corner & cries}

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Just wait until you learn IGN's score...

LOL have you seen IGN review? 6.8/10

It's Eurogamer, don't take it too seriously

so wait... you can skip through career and just have all the content at your fingertips? thats... erm... odd.

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Remember what a 7/10 means from this site. It's a little different from getting a 7/10 from say......IGN. Beyond that, this is the first PSP release of a Gran Turismo, don't sweat it.

If GT5 were to receive scores like this across site after site, THEN you could be saddened. With this, nah don't worry about it...

Edit: Apparently, IGN gave it a 6.8/10, well perhaps all ISN'T the greatest for this game. I suspect a lot of the time was focused on the big dog: Gran Turismo 5 and this was a placeholder along with trying to release alongside Forza 3.


IS this made by Polyphony? If it is it could just be that they focused too much on the superiorPS3 version and didn't give enough time to this one.

And if it isn't Polyphony than they should know that only Polyphony can make Gran Turismo titles

I think eurogamer also gave NFS shift a 7/10.

I think they rushed it to try and compete with Forza


I thought IGN gave it 6.8?

IGN Ratings for Gran Turismo (PSP)
out of 10  
4.0 Presentation
No career mode of any sort. You can't easily tell which cars you have. Beating all of the more than 100 challenge events nets you nothing. At least the challenge demonstrations are good.
8.5 Graphics
The car models are good considering that this is the PSP we're talking about, and it runs at a blistering 60fps. It's not the best on the system, but it's certainly very good.
8.0 Sound
The engines sound great, though it would be nice to hear the in-cockpit mix be a little more aggressive with tire squeals and engine growls.
7.0 Gameplay
A very mixed bag here. The driving mechanics are classic GT, which is great. However, without a career mode to pull you through, the point of collecting cars and all that is quickly lost.
6.0 Lasting Appeal
If you want to collect everything it'll take you forever, and the Ad-Hoc multiplayer only adds to that. However, the collecting comes to a grinding halt because of presentation issues.
(out of 10 / not an average)


not very good.

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