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adajio said:
11ht11 said:

its just another reason to hate kanye, hes such a gay fish

I was wondering how long it would be until this came up


It would have been the best comeback ever if Taylor asked Kanye as he walked off "Do you like Fish Sticks in your mouth?"

Although it probably would have looked setup if she did

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pastro243 said:
It was rude, and considering Taylor Swift, Beyonce and this asshole all make shit music and have little talent (except Beyonce, she rawks), there is no justification to what he did.

I hope they ban these stupid assholes like Kanye West so people wont listen their crap music and start to feel more stupid because of it. Someone should send this guy back to school and also teach him how to sing and write real music.

Now, I dont like the music Taylor Swift makes, but at least she can sing some kind of melody and doesnt talk instead of singing, and she also didnt deserve that. Im glad people shouted him things and hope it keeps happening everytime he appears in public.

If his album sales rise from this, that will show how stupid and shallow people are, and my love for humanity will decrease once again.

Fix'd, and yes, Kanye is into fish sticks...

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I don't care for Taylor Swift, Beyonce Knowles, or Kanye West's music. Still, I would not go onstage in order to tell any of them that they didn't deserve the award that they were receiving. I think that Taylor deserves another award for not shoving the award that she had just won up Kanye's ass.

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What a twatock.

4chan's all over this...


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You need to fix some of those photos... or perhaps give us links.

Still more...

LOL STONE COLD!!!! They should have a gif now of stone cold looking at him and giving him the stunner.


This is pure gold!

That last one should have said "But I'm one of the best memes of all time."

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Yeah, he definitely is IGNORANT. "ig-nah-ent"

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