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I like the music he makes but seriously he's quite the pr!ck. This is from the MVAs.

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What a prick. She was obviously stunned by it too.

^She took off crying off stage, she had to do a performance shortly after

Kanye West is, without a shadow of doubt, the quintessential douchebag.

That was really not smart.
And it's not the first time something like that happened with him.
I remember he said something about Hannah Montana which was just plain stupid.

Kanye West

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From Wikipedia:

"At the 2009 Video Music Awards, after Taylor Swift begun her acceptance speech after winning Best Female Video, Kanye West, the ignorant, arrogant, the "born in a barn" dumbshit appeared on stage, took the mic from Swift and said that he was happy for her, but Beyoncé had "one of the best videos of all time". (Obviously not true.)[23] For the rest of the night, every time West's name was mentioned, the audience shouted "Dumb nigger!". When Beyonce won the award for Best Video of the Year for "Single Ladies," she called Swift up on stage to "have her moment."


The whole night everytime his name was brought up the whole crowd booed lol

Everything kind of turn out alright near the end though, Beyonce won an award and she got Taylor Swift back on stage to finish her speech.

He's a bitch... I wont buy his music, maybe bootleg, because some of his music is good.


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Not only a douche, but a douche who makes rubbish music.