Would you sacrifice a life to save ten?

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Slimebeast said:
tedsteriscool said:

@ slimebeast:

"The problem with [humanity] is stupidity. I'm not saying there should be a capital punishment for stupidity, but why don't we just take the safety labels off of everything and let the problem solve itself?"

Who said that? Hitler, Mao, Ghandi... Dalai Lama?

Opposite ends of extreme, well done.

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Nope. If that guy wants to do it more power to him.

I view it as wrong to take someones life against their will simply to save 10 other people.  Even if i was his boss.

I mean otherwise... we may as well take healthy people off the street and murder them for their organs. Since one organ donor saves around 10 lives.

do numbers matter? What if it was 100 people to save 1000?

That Guy said:
do numbers matter? What if it was 100 people to save 1000?

No, why would it... I mean it's proportional.


Vanversive said:

Are you sure thats not just be cause you felt obliged to do that because it was your mother?

nah. it wasn't my obligation, but you're missing the point of the argument   Johann and I were debating whether people commit such acts for predicted rewards.


btw Johann, have a cookie ^_^ it was a good debate and I hope we all learned something from it ^__^

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I agree with DSLover and d21lewis.

Of course, I say that sitting form my comfortable desk chair. Who knows what I'd actually do in such a situation.  I'd hope I'd have the balls to make te noble choice, though.

That is the choice you have to make in inFamous. Save the doctors or save Trish

I don't really think that this question is specific enough to really say one way or the other ...

Most people would have no problems about commanding one group of soldiers to attack an outpost knowing that 1 soldier would die in the process if they knew that not attacking that outpost would result in 10 other soldiers dying. In contrast, few people would agree to allow a healthy individual to be killed so that their organs could be harvested to save the lives of 10 sick people.

If i could save 10 people versus on, I'd pick the 10. If that one person happened to be me, then I'd save myself.