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89 on metacritic.

I just played Gears of war 2 and Halo 3 back to back with friends this weekend. Gears 2 is worse almost in every gameplay department. It has better graphics and horde mode is very fun.

Now halo is getting its own horde mode.

this article is stupid anyways. I could have writen it. I don't think the writer even played it...

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Well I never bought Halo 3 for the graphics...Must say during the original Xbox days Halo was a franchise that had the best graphics somehow they stepped away from it;...

Oh well


Hmm. . . I guess I would take this more seriously if it didn't look like they just took all of the gripes I've seen on forums and tied them together with conjunctions. This doesn't look very well written or thought out. Especially since they mainly talk about the graphics, which have more 'jaggies' than Killzone 2. But the gameplay is where the rubber meets the road on something like this, and Halo always comes through on that. If they said it played like crap, had concrete examples, I might listen. But I really, really do not care that it didn't look as good as Killzone 2.

Halo Wars was a RTS Halo game and it was not developed by Bungie. Ensemble Studies.

Halo FPS game + Bungie development team = guaranteed 5 million + seller.

Halo 3:ODST includes 24 maps all 21 maps from Halo 3 + 3 new maps. A new campaign mode which is around 8 hours in duration. Only downside is no Master Chief in the game with all his super powers. Seeing the Halo universe through the eyes of an ordinary soldier will make the game a new Halo experience.

4 words = "Game of the Year"
3 words = "Halo ODST Rocks"
2 words = "Must Buy"

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kowenicki said:

go read their news bits....


I hav seen nothing outside some sort of "leaked" video footage

Time to Work !

This guy is an idiot. Halo is about gameplay.

So he complains about an Add-On having just slightly better graphics than the original? WoW what a shocker!

Did anyone expected ODST to be a graphical milestone? Nope. There were TONS of discussions about Alan Wake, Uncharted 2, Killzone 2, Splinter Cell Conviction, Forza 3, GT5 etc etc but nobody ever mentioned ODST and rightfully so.

He even said that the gameplay is fun and still predicts a low review-score.

Sounds like somebody is fishing for clicks.

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So its a bad game because it doesnt have awesome graphics?


By that logic Most games (1 player online) must be boring.


And Halo and L4D proves you DONT need the best graphics to have a awesome game.




Oh i cannot agree more,Gears 2 sucks flat out,Online is garbage but Horde mode is fun.


Now Halo ODST + Horde mode + ODST Troops = AWESOME!