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What's up folks?  How ya'all doing?

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Tired, getting ready to go to bed since I start school in 5 hours.

How are you Rubang? Haven't seen you 'round these parts lately.

I've been going through hell man. I sublet my apartment in Oakland while I very slowly moved to San Francisco. During this process I was storing junk here and there and got robbed on both sides of the Bay. I was robbed twice within 2 weeks and lost 2 jobs in 2 months.

But now me and my woman got our own studio in San Francisco for just the 2 of us. So that's cool.

Hi Claude! You make it to level 251 yet?

Welcome back Rubang!

Sorry to hear about your hellish weeks. Have you managed to find a job yet? I'm starting again, finally, upcoming tuesday. The next couple of days I'll be filling with trips and lazing around...

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I worked as a guy who stands on street corners asking people for donations to fix America's shitty health care. That lasted 2 days, because they wanted me to meet their quota of $250 in donations and I only raised $100 in donations. And they actually paid me $140 to do it, so I actually cost them $40, so they fired me on my 2nd day.

I worked at a coffee shop under the table for 11 days before the idiot boss realized he was losing money because he doesn't know how to run a coffee shop. So he fired everybody and decided he'd do it himself, and work from 7 am to midnight. But it's a block from my new apartment, and when I walk by at 10 or 11 in the morning he's not open yet, and when I walk by at 10 or 11 at night he's closed early. Maybe he'd make money if he opened on time and didn't piss off the customers who have been going there for years.

But for 2 months I've been working at a pizza place. They said they'd let me wait tables half the time, but they're only letting me do that once a week, so I have to bus tables the rest of the week and barely make any money. Tonight I got to wait tables and make $58 in a 2 and a half hour shift, and tomorrow I'm gonna bus, so I'll probably work 4 hours and make $30. And the coworkers are jerks who treat me like I'm a kid at my first job and have no idea what I'm doing, and don't understand that I've worked at bigger and better restaurants back when we had an economy, and made more money than all of these bums. I hate this job and as soon as I find a better one I'm quitting.

I finally got a little free time and was just wasting it drinking and cleaning and moving furniture around the new place, and then I was like "Oh snap, so many VGChartz homies to catch up with." I can't believe I disappeared for so long.

How's the lesbianism promoting going?

Not too good. Most bi-girls here are still bi and that's about it :D. I think my new avy doesn't work either.

But uhm, waiting is shitty no matter how you slice it Rubang. Your a good writer, shouldn't you try to start writing colums? Or good cracked.com articles? Those will net you $50 per article.

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Pretty bad.. My holiday was cut short due to work... Big client.. most of us out of office.. I was nearby to fly back.. girlfriend mad.. but the extra pay made her happy.. She thinks it's for when we live together.. I was thinking of a nice new HDtv and PS3... >_>

..my ex-girlfriend stayed a few weeks at my place cause she lost her job... she stayed for 3 weeks until she found another job.. my girlfriend was not too happy about that.. I swear nothing happend... I have a really nice couch..

..my parttime job as a teacher also started.. first week in, and I already have spend 2 hours fixing problems from other teachers and listing to problems from students.. I also got a warning for being too cozy with a female student.. I swear nothing happend... but still I got the warning..

& I only bought 1 game in the last few weeks which was Contra Rebirth and I finished it within the hour... >_


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Not to sound like a prune (do people still say that these days)...but I hardly think this deserves it's own thread.

Also...welcome back from the dead Mr. Ghost!

Sup bro! No i'm not doing good but i hope you are.

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