what exactly Does Sony mean by the PS3 10 year life cycle?

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Loud_Hot_White_Box said:
pterodactyl said:
Grimes said:
That's the thing, they don't define it. Without that definition, it's pretty much meaningless which is what marketing people want. They want to declare victory no matter what the eventual outcome is.

This. And it's pretty premature to think that there will be a PS4. Sony's in NO financial position to start development on it.

The fact that PS1 and PS2 fit the 10 year plan tells you that the 10 year plan means 10 years available for sale on the market, though other Sony consoles might be available as well.

What you are attempting to do is to say that because under SOME definition Sony hasn't met a 10-year goal, therefore we can't say that Sony has met the goal.  But that's dumb.

Sony is in fine position to "start development" on PS4.  And, using Cell and Blu-Ray again in PS4 (they are now established tech) was probably part of their likely plan when hey were developing PS3.  PS3 costs will then be repaid -- and profited upon -- partly by PS4. 

speculation: PS4 or PS3.5 will involve Playstation Cloud utilizing server farms with Cell processors anyway.

I don't believe cloud gaming is a short-term reality. But, they already said that Cell architecture will be there again but obviously improved.  Some expert in programing explain this please, if sony uses the same architecture dev. costs and time will be estabilized for next-gen?

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They will support the PS3 for 10 years minimum, but there could be a PS4 after maybe 6 years. Meaning they will make first party games and continue to manufacture the console.