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Heh, pretty funny read.

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Why no bashing of the PS3? Isn't the PS3 the system that is dooming everything else, including the iPhone, and sale of Krispy Kreme donuts to oblivion, due to the price cut, and slimmer profile?

This seems very clear... Obama recognizes the fact that only the Xbox and its games are addictive enough to cause a child to forsake his homework.

He's not dissing the Xbox, he's acknowledging its hold over us.

Lurker said:
"Xbox" is the new "Nintendo". Back in the day people who knew nothing about video games would just call it "The Nintendo", now it's "the Xbox".

It used to be alled Atari.  Then Nintendo or Gameboy.  Then Playstation or Gameboy.  Now I hear different things: DS, Gameboy, Playstation, Nintendo, Wii, and Xbox.

About the article: It makes sense that if Obama was going to try to control children, he would use the term xbox.  PS2 is really uncool.  Wii is uncool with some kids.  And DS can actually make the kids better at school so those would have been bad choices.

Of course, kids shouldn't forced into school.  Parents shouldn't go to jail if kids skip school.  Government schools should never waste student's time with such nonsense.  Obama should be a better person than to do this.  But alast, I don't run the world :(



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Obama is young and hip, so he refers to video games as "Xbox". If he were older or not with it, he'd still refer to video games as Playstation, a throw-back to when Playstation was still synonymous with video games.

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actually he also dissed tv, he just used it as an example....its not that big of a deal >_>

PlayStation is still synonymous with video games

xbox is 2 syllables where as playstation is 3 syllables

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Lurker said:
"Xbox" is the new "Nintendo". Back in the day people who knew nothing about video games would just call it "The Nintendo", now it's "the Xbox".

And you mean by this "Xbox" has taken the place of Nintendo and PlayStation in brand recognition? HAH! laughable. It's FAR more recognized this gen, but PlayStation and Nintendo (Wii, DS) are still above Xbox by miles.

Well they got one bit TOTALLY wrong. I've listened to the speech backwards and no where does he say "hail Satan", he says "hail Stalin".

Man what passes for journalism these days.

Edit: Don't forget, Bill Gates is a Democrat. Sony and Nintendo probably gave money to the other guy. Obama is sending subliminals for people to buy Xbox. After all how can you not play too much Xbox if you don't have one? First buy the Xbox then don't play it. Not only that but given the penchant for certain media pundits to tell people to do the opposite of everything Obama says, by saying "don't play so much Xbox" some media "personalities" will start promoting all day Xbox marathons, as part of the nationwide campaign to ditch class because Obama says kids should stay in school. See, Obama is using his opponents to the advantage of his mate Gates.

Now if he went out and said: "reward your kids tyhis year by buying them an Xbox for Christmas", those anti-Obama pundits would go out and say "buy your kids PS3 / Wii for Christmas". Obama would only say it once, whereas the punditocracy would be saying the opposite 10 times a day every day until Christmas. So who would get the better "free" advertising from this? Not Xbox. Obama's cunningly subtle ways is getting the opposition to say the things he wants them to say.

Next on Obama's agenda is to give a speech to the National Science Academy saying the Administration's policy is to no longer teach evolution in public schools. This will get the airwaves buzzing with people saying Obama is now trying to dictate subject material and that all schools should immediately introduce compulsory lessons on evolution starting at elementary school in protest at Pbama's interventionist ways.

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