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Seems like every girl I know has done "something" with another girl or wouldn't mind if they did do something with another girl yet they consider themselves to be straight. So it seems as though that every girl is bi or atleast the majority of them. Even women can't resist women lol


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I think it's more that there's less pressure on females than males for sexual experimentation. It's considered within femininity to have lesbian experiments and for a girl that's supposed to be feminine, then that's ok. But for men to have gay experiments are considered effeminate, along with other social stigmas, so maybe that's why you don't hear about them, nor do they occur.

I mean, while there's the butch image of a lesbian, lesbianism has been pretty glorified by the media and porn industry. And there seems to be more negative attention towards gays (referring to males) than gays (females).

Isn't everyone, just at different intensities?

tedsteriscool said:
Isn't everyone, just at different intensities?

No... as a Homosexual you have no right to tell us how Hetrosexuals feel just as it is the converse.

Sexuality is subject to gradation. What you call straight is really just leaning 99% one way.

But no, not all girls are bi by a long shot, I know a few girls who have kissed other girls rather unconvincingly just to get attention and then told people to make it seem hot. But no they aren't bi, they are straight.

Now a truly bisexual girl would have gone for it with another girl without the attention seeking, allowing things to last longer than a kiss.

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I hope so.

Girl on girl Action is so damn hot!

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because secretly every woman hates men.

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they should be. i wouldn't feel too shitty about being single if everywhere around me felt like a scene in a 'good' movie ;p