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I think its pretty obvious that they are ranking the consoles largely by what games were released for it and what innovation it brought to gaming.

But its a stupid idea really. Its really always going to be an incredibly biased and subjective list.

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IGN has been pretty fail lately, though they've also had some great redeeming moments in there. This was one of their fail moments. They did as good a job as anyone could have in categorizing the consoles, but it was a poisonous, stupid, and hit-generating flamebait strategy from the start.


They also lose respect every day they keep asshats like Goldstein and Hatfield around.

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Although I agree heartily on a personal level with the list, I feel that they are backwards of what much of the gaming world would think. I'm personally glad they did this, it's been a nice trip back through the generations (I had a 2600 back when I was 6, it's been quite a ride). You HAVE TO remember that these are people, and these are their opinions, to back them up they actually put out some cogent reasons. They may not be your opinions, and you may disagree with their reasons. I have a really hard time with people who CANNOT get over their love for their toy of choice, and must bash people on a personal level because they like a different TOY! I'm going to say it again, IT'S A FRICKIN' TOY! Give it a break, read the article, or don't, agree or disagree, but try to be a respectable human being about it.

OP: I actually think from an innovation perspective, the original Xbox beats the 360. Hard-drives, Live and Halo were really big game-changers.

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I am a fan of IGN but in all honesty, their whole idea of having a best consoles ever list is pretty silly. Sure there may have been some breakthrough innovations on some of the old machines from 70's and 80's, but to think that people would rather play any of those systems than the current ones is ridiculous (not that they are claiming it as such). Every generation improves, often dramatically, on the previous one, so to say some of the old machines are better than the current ones makes no sense.

Uh... no.

I'd still rather pull out an SNES, NES, Balley Astrocade, PS2 or Atari 2600 over a 360 or PS3.

This can actually be backed up by the fact that each of those systems probably has had more time then my 360 or PS3 since i've gotten them.

The SNES and PS2 can be said for the Wii at this point as well.

Advancements in technology don't equal advancements in quality.

I mean hell... were the 3DO, Atari Jaguar or Sega CD a better systems then the NES?  

Hell no.

I could be wrong but it sounds like you are confusing "games you enjoy more" and "better console". A console is a piece of technology. When the technology is improved, so is the quality. They can simply do more. You may not enjoy playing them as much, but that doesn't make them inferior.

No.  Your confusing what a game console is.

A game console is something that plays games.

Therefore a console is only as good as the games that play it.


BY that logic, since my Wii can not only play Wii and Gamecube games, but also many NES, SNES, and N64 games, it must be the greatest console of all time (since the console is only as good as the games that play it).

Except that those games weren't built for the wii (or with the wii in mind), they were built for the respective consoles.

u r just a 360 fanboy and the list was rubbish. Everywhere I look on the internet now it seems everyone wants to bash the PS3 because they don't want it to succeed.

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The list was fine, it was a subjective list, why, because it is based upon subjective material, opinions!
What did the intellivision do? first it brought real competition to the video game market, second it introduce the real time strategy genre to the world with Utopia, it was instrumental in the advancement of the sports genres, how about the introduction of Down content?
plus it was the only console to hold fast during the crash of '84, it was still on shelves when everyone else jumped ship
Plus like all of the older consoles it was one of the consoles trying to build something out of nothing
not to mention great games like astrosmash, thundercastle,
Colecovision , all of you graphics fans should be aware this was the first the was really big on showcase graphics, the intellivision played the graphics card but the intellivision was all about top notch visuals, and it showed graphics can pay off, it had the game the undoubtedly inspired sim city, Fortune builder, plus it created competition and probably got quite a few people into games


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I don't think the 360 should be so high, actually the xbox1 was much more innovative and important to gaming, introducing the age of the online fps. The 360 really is just an upgrade in graphics. The Ps one brought many new people to gaming, created the cinematic style of gaming and also helped make 3d gaming, along with the N64. It was a much more important system for gaming than the 360, which, while having many great games, will most likely be forgotten in 5-10 years.


I blame Wii Fit...+!!!

lol good thread starcraft but I am sorry, the idea of 360 as a better console than PS1 makes me piss my pants from laughing.

Could you tell me a little bit about the inovations that the 360 offers which make it the best console of this generation?

& FOR GODS sake stop throwing the word "casual" around like it actually bears any meaning. That's just a word PS3/360 owners use to justify their consoles weak sales performance.

"that there is simply an enormous library of astounding games for the console that doesn't seem to end" lol.
Don't even try writing something smart.


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A couple things - For one, any list of the greatest consoles ever should probably leave out the current generation, simply because we don't know where they will go or how much longer they will last. If for some reason the 360 stopped selling at all right now, then it should legitamitaly fall about 10 spots on the list. If the PS3 goes on to sell 100 million consoles, then it has to move up. Also, objectivity gets clouded when you're currently playing the systems you're ranking with systems you haven't played in 10-20 years. Its just how it is.

Secondly, your opinion that if you've played all the systems considerably, it being obvious the 360 is the greatest of them is simply laughable. It's fine that that is your opinion, but it doesn't mesh with mine AT ALL. And I'm guessing with a lot of peoples. Don't assume you're the only one and "the truth" with knowledge of all the systems.

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