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thekitchensink said:
Someone may have said this already, as I haven't read the whole thread, but if you want to get the game out you could try turning the system off and reaching inside the disc slot with a wire clothes hanger. You might break the system even more, but there's a good chance you'd get it out.

Sorry about your system


are you being serious?

leo, if you send it in, they will remove any disc stuck in the system.

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Xxain said:
I still stand true to my theory that 60GB's are programmed or built to fail in 2009 or after a certain amount of usage after purchase( 2year limit)...mine broke in Jan

Don't say that, you might jinx my 60GB PS3.  And I don't have the money for the slim or the repair, and if I did I would have to use it on my car.

Joel, get it repaired.

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You're obviously a lying troll trying to make the PS3 look bad, go back to your Halos Xbot, PS3's can't break!

twesterm said:
You're obviously a lying troll trying to make the PS3 look bad, go back to your Halos Xbot, PS3's can't break!

Now this sarcasm is much better.

*twesterm drops to 4 in enemy list*

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leo-j said:
tedsteriscool said:
Repair is $150.

Slim is $300.

I say get slim. You get a year warranty this way anyway.

yep, plus a dualshock 3.. but my dad isn't made out of money -_-

Dont you have a B/C PS3?


IMO fuck the slim,your PS3 owns it,broken or not.


Get it repaired.

lmfaooooo thats y i didnt see u on psn lmfaoooooo lmfaooooo

That was the true reason people needed a second job for the PS3, to get a second one!

Well at least you have alternative entertainment to last the repairs (the slim has no proven failure rate yet, so it's still more risky than repairing yours)


I'd sell it. People buy it for parts. Hopefully you can make $100 out of that. BC? PS2 games, that's so DVD, and so 2000.

Most CD drives have a forced popout button, maybe only tray models, but if you open the case maybe you can get the game out manually somehow.

I'd fix it personally.