PS3 racked up a hilarious 2,052 sales in Japan last week

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We all know why the PS3 numbers are so low, the big question is: why are the 360 numbers that 'high'?

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Zuhyc said:
We all know why the PS3 numbers are so low, the big question is: why are the 360 numbers that 'high'?

heck vg charts numbers for that week they differ a lot

LOL what a stupid thread. PS3 is almost sold out in Japan and i am 100% sure that japanese consumers are wait for the Slim. They are japanese after all

Not to piss in anyones wheaties, but the console wasn't exactly flying off the shelves before the slim was announced. The Japanese consumer has really attached themselves to Nintendo and the DSI.

Honestly, this was probably just the supply chain clearing out. And if that's all it sold, then I imagine the supply is probably flat-out gone. The fire sale worked this time.

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Yeah..........hilarious stuff. :/

Japan is handheld land and the home consoles simply struggle. Anyone whom follows Japan sales knows the reason for the low PS3 sales and next week will be even lower. I never thought the bump in PS3 sales the week the Slim releases would be big but now I berieve.

The more PS3's in the wild before FFXIII and GT5 release the better I say!


If it was supply drying up that would assume demand was higher then actual stock. Which would mean that those 2000 sold this week would of been sold last week due to having no new deliveries of the old console. Thus meaning if that was true we would of seen next to no PS3's sold this week not 2000.

Just a case of people holding off for the new one.

You would have to be really impatient not to wait a couple of weeks for the slim

plus stock running out


Im assuming some haywire PS3 consumers picked up 360's instead. Sales vacuum will be burst with slim sales.Japan loves console refreshes... everyone knows that.

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Killergran said:
Just a question, where are these numbers from? What's their source?


According to Gamesindustry.biz, it comes from Media-Create. A japanese company (http://www.m-create.com/ranking/).


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