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Girl Gamer Elite said:
Apostrovich said:
They may be....but having one this big isn't cool. I mean, it's KIND of cool, but not really. Saying "I have a 10 inch wiener" and having it be true is cool, but it sure as hell isn't useful or practical.

 You sure seem intent on making sure everyone knows its big though, hehe.

 Haha, exactly. Apostrovich, I suspect that you're so full of it, it's coming out the wrong end. Regardless of whether or not anyone will believe you, if you had it you probably wouldn't need to broadcast it repeatedly. Going on about how your big d*ck inconveniences you is just silly. Like you actually want pity... lol. I'm in the same size range myself, within an inch (believe it or not, I don't mind) and unless I walk around with a constant erection, I'm not otherwise inconvenienced by this.

Of course my suspicion that you're fibbin' could be wrong, and if so, sincerest apologies, really... but either way, once or twice is enough. No one had even challenged you on it here.

I think confidence is the main thing, as has been said, but a big one will certainly give ya the confidence.

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Guys can you do me a favour? Can one of you ask the mods if they open a +18 sub forum?


konnichiwa said:
Guys can you do me a favour? Can one of you ask the mods if they open a +18 sub forum?


 Dude, kids don't just suddenly grow penises, tits and vaginas when they turn 18, lol.

Alright. I think it's pretty clear that I need to shut this one down. This clearly isn't needed on an all ages public forum.

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I'd send you a picture, but that would suck for everyone involved. And I didn't say it CONSTANTLY inconveniences me. I said it inconveniences me when it comes time to put it inside something that happens to not be big enough for it.


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