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Little love for HDMI

We asked about the lack of HDMI cables in the Elite package, and his answer was interesting. "When we originally launched the Elite, we added the Elite as a third SKU, a premium SKU; we sort of threw the kitchen sink in there." He points out that when the Elite launched, HDMI cables were being sold for $50 or more. Now? You can pick one up for a few bucks. "The perceived value has changed," he claims.

Besides, gamers simply weren't getting anything out of its inclusion. "According to our research, most of the customers who bought the Elite weren't using the HDMI. We've removed it, and pased it on as part of our price savings," Greenberg told Ars.


I find it hard to believe that people play HD games with Composite cables. And if one actually does so, they are truely missing out. The difference is Huge, with a capital H. Though that "research" could've ment that people already had a HDMI laying around, and that they didnt specifically used the included HDMI cable?!

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I use HDMI for my 360 (20gb) and PS3 it is just easier

Don't see why anyone wouldn't use it. If it cost is so cheap leave in the box. Can never have to many extra HDMI cables.


I use a VGA cable... then again I don't have an HDMI port on my 360 :p (reason why I paid so low for it I guess).


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Wasn't there an article about how half Gears 2 players play on a SDTV.

My year old 360 came with a cable with both component and composite on it. If that's still the case there's not really a need for a HDMI cable anyway.

No HDMI on my 360.
I still find the graphics 100%.





VGA - no hdmi needed ... although I own a CORE and no RROD for the last 4 years *knockonwood*

I use component for both the Xbox 360 and PS3.

The Sky and the PC demoted them!


Hold on. Whats going on here? Why are people doing this HDMI praise now?

If you need one you can get one under 10 bucks anywhere.

Component cables do 1080p and infact have same picture as HDMI. You lose sound quality of you have 5.1 with component and thats it.

But picture wise...component cables and HDMI...= SAME SHIT!!!!

does the new elite not come with components?