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Hello everyone!

I've been checking the first reviews for Cursed Mountain and I think it's doing well. Had scores between 6,5 and 7,5, so we could expect a global review at 7 more or less. For a new kind of game, with no publicity and obviously mature, I think is great!

I'm not as optimistic about the future sales about this game (most of WII owners don't buy such a original and mature games) but we 've to suport it!!

Some sales o final reviews predictions?

For me:

Reviews (final): 7- 7,5

Sales: 150-200 k (until Xmas time).


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id be amazed if it passed 100k

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I'm hoping it can get to 500k, the reviews I've read have all been positive.. The boxart is what's going to kill it at retail though..


I got 2 6's today, check on N4G.

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This game isn't being hyped at all and isn't particularly good. Max 200k.



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Sadly I doubt it will reach even 100k, I believe there is zero awareness for this game outside of gaming sites, and even in those the hype/anticipation level for this game is very low.

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I will buy it. First purchase in a long time.

I hope it will pass 200k.

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Hmm...Deadly Creatures released in March I believe? It just barely scraped over the 100,000 mark, and I would say that was more niche than Cursed Mountain.
So yea, I'd say it'll do well to reach 300k lifetime.

7 is not really that good...

Boutros said:
7 is not really that good...

Seven is a good score. Don't get confused.

Seventy percent is a B grade. It's not outstanding, excellent or very good, but it IS good.

Besides I have seen several reviews including ONM and german source give it low eighties. It is unusual and different; precisely why I have a Wii in the first place.


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