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I'd rather get the regular slim + GT5 separate for ~$370 then the bundle for $400 even if it is 250 gigs instead of 120. I haven't even filled all 60 gigs on my current PS3

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This thread is made of win.

^Yeah it's definitely not for everyone, it just depends on what you plan to use it for.
I plan on storing a good collection of my movies on my PS3 along with my music collection.
Plus a bunch of PSN games and stuff. Already my 40GB is full with game installs, a psn game and some demos/trailers.

Mummelmann said:
250GB HDD on a console? Why? I certainly don't need that, I store all my movies, TV shows and music on my PC. Its a cool prospect and its fun that they're kicking up some dust but I don't think anyone besides the most hardcore PS3 and/or Sony fans will bite and swallow that one.

I would hardly consider myself hardcore, but I'm close to running out of space on my 160GB PS3 just from game installs, PSN games, and a couple hi-def movies. 

That's a nice deal.

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This is what many had expected. I think it's a smart move. If it does happen then hopefully sells will rise higher than sony expects.

JEDE3 said:
kowenicki - but you are forgetting that GT5 is suppose to be bundled with this 250 gig. They see the GT5 they see the 250 gigs. They might think its worth the extra 100 dollars without thinking it through like you have.

Especially if they see that its a limited edition bundle with a GT5 branded console

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Its not exactly much of a discount, you can get a 250GB HDD off Newegg for $59, plus the game at $57 off Amazon. I'm sure around xmas retailers will be discounting even further at xmas also anyway so you'll probably pay even less. Looks like it works out to be the same price to me.

Not only that, but a $399 price in the US will mean a $699 price in Australia. That's a $200 increase, I can get a 250GB 2.5" SATA drive for AUD$66, plus new PS3 games go for AUD$89-99 at JBHifi ($119 RRP) so I'd be AUD$50 worse off.

Its a shame, as otherwise it would be a great bundle, one I'd probably get.

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I would go for anything over 40gigs, I always have to keep deleting installs its very annoying.

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This is nice way for Sony to make profit, because with Slim 120gb+GT5 at 299 they would be lossing way too much.