What is the most Stupidest thing gamers have ever complained about.

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Since the start gamers get pissed over the most stupidest things.So what do you belive is the top 1.

Wind waker.People thought it can't be a zelda game because it was cell shaped and completehated it cuss it change the look.

Gintama is the funniest show EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I not a big wii fan

Okita the sadist.

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Damage in GT5 being seemingly more important than everything else the game has to offer.

People not buying a game because of the graphics.




People not admiting that the competitors console has some awesome features/games/etc...

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People whining about the 10-15 seconds it takes to get up and switch discs.

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^ Agree HEAVILY with those above EXCEPT swapping discs. I personally don't like to have to but it isn't that big a deal.

Mine: Worrying about whether or not the sales of a game warrants your own purchase. Rather ridiculous IMO.


ok for real, its that the game doesnt have life like graphics





people moan because a certain developer made the game. never understood it.

great graphics = horrible gameplay
I never understood that logic

people using the price as an excuse for the wii's success