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God I hope there isn't any fee for this.....

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XxXProphecyXxX said:
God I hope there isn't any fee for this.....


Fee for what?  Animated themes?



They will be the same as existing themes, some free, some you need pay for.


badgenome said:
Oh, wow. That's cool. I'll pay for a Flower one!

hell yeah


That's pretty nice.

4 ≈ One

Wow! totally awesome! Do want! Do want!

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thats looks superb? when and how?

I'm not really here!

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animated wallpapers, such a stupid little feature but damn that's hot.

These are fake. The youtube poster also did this for Final Fantasy and Modern Warfare 2.

"It's just to see how can be the XMB of the PS3 with the firmware 3.0 available soon with a wallpaper replaced by a video of Killzone 2.What do you think about that ?

PS: The green halo around the icons is due to the chroma keying used to put the video behind the icons."

Thanks for the input, Jeff.



^ Aw.

This would be so AWESOME!!!

I hope Sony launches free animated themes that are just as awesome as that Killzone 2 one. I hope that Killzone 2 one is real and free.