WOW Yahoo is going crazy over ps3 slim!!!

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33 people said they were getting a slim

28 people complained that they paid $400-500 for it three months ago

143 people said "too little too late" and then wrote "xbox ftw"

22 people said it was ugly


(all those stats are made up except the first one. Out of 251 comments, 33+ people said they were getting one. That's pretty good!

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250 comments is going crazy?

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over-Dramatization...those stats are actually negative

I never heard of a positive thing about the ps3 on yahoo so I'm not surprised.

well for what it's worth 33 people SAID they would buy one now, and were pretty excited about the price point.
Several kids said their mom's wouldn't buy one because of the 400$ price tag.

It's a good sign. 33 people out of 250 is a pretty good number. Out of 350M americans that might at least equal 10M in sales right?

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^ true...i guess

33.... damn, outrage hahahaha

People are forgetting the major Factor here...

Yahoo is a Microsoft funded service.

...uhh...ill just put my favorite quote of all time here.

"Welcome to Pain, the second of three...You have dealt the first...now deal with me!!"

^ i didnt 4get that actually

^So... anyone can write in there, even Ps/Nintendo fanboys. Even I could go on and say that I'm getting 20 Ps3Slims on launch day