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1. [NDS] Tomodachi Collection ~ 126,000
2. [NDS] Dragon Quest IX ~ 121,000
3. [WII] Wii Sports Resort ~ 108,000
4. [WII] Monster Hunter 3 ~ 72,000
5. [PS2] SD Gundam G Generation Wars
6. [PSP] Tales of Vs.
7. [NDS] Puyo Puyo 7
8. [PSP] Monster Hunter Portable 2nd
9. [NDS] Tingle's Love Balloon Trip
10. [NDS] Blood of Bahamut



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Monster Hunter Wii fail...?

Magna Carta 2 gone already? Oh well...

It seems I've just won my bet with Benga..

1. [NDS] Tomodachi Collection - 126,000 / 699,000
2. [NDS] Dragon Quest IX - 121,000 / 3,618,000
3. [WII] Wii Sports Resort - 108,000 / 971,000
4. [WII] Monster Hunter 3 - 72,000 / 793,000


Edit: Already posted.

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Double post.

Dragon Quest IX, wow just wow. Where will it end? I think 4 million looks likely now.

Tomodachi Collection is shaping up to be a MONSTER! Could this be the big surprise hit this year?

Wii Sports Resort is doing awesome. No other word for it. Now the legs are there. Let´s see how long they turn out to be.

Monster Hunter 3, despite what some (mainly Sonyfans) try to claim is doing good. Very good I´d say. Almost 800 k now and growing. Bigger than previous consolegames by far and easily the biggest thirdparty console game so far this gen in Japan.

Nintendo rules Japan both with portables and consoles. I wonder what hardware will show?

MH3 declining trend as assumed repeats previous home console MH games trends, but with bigger opening week, e.g...

MH2: 2nd week 79% down from opening week, 3rd week 57% down from 2nd week;

MH3: 2nd week 76% down from opening week, 3rd week 47% down from 2nd week.

Without doubt MH3 is future million-seller, and probably it'll get more than that, up to 1.2M, maybe?

kber81 said:
It seems I've just won my bet with Benga..

Well seeing as Benga seems to have been kidnapped or something I don't think it matter anymore :P

Monster Hunter 3 may do better if Nintendo can make more of those Classic Controller Pro's, otherwise it'll keep dwindling away..


LeandroBaffa said:

Monster Hunter Wii fail...?

LTD sales of Monster Hunter games released for home consoles:

Monster Hunter (PS2) - 280k

Monster Hunter G (PS2) - 230k

Monster Hunter 2 (PS2) - 630k

Monster Hunter G (Wii) - 240k

Monster Hunter 3 (Wii) - 770k so far

Monster Hunter 3 should end up outselling all of the previous home console releases in the series combined.