ok so schools about to start again...

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are you guys excited or what? I am because it's my first year of highschool!

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goin back to College....*sigh*

7 of september before im back

College starts august 31st. How am I going to afford it?

toastboy, good luck with high school. It blows.

mine starts at September 9 i think. Senior Year!





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mine already start in august 11 iam now in my senior year.

I start my Masters degree at uni a couple of weeks :-/

Remember have fun and get good grades

Bleh.. Mine starts tomorrow with the teacher's meeting... I hate those... but it's going to be a nice day with 30 degree celsius.. I'm expecting the meeting will be moved to a nearby bar and lots of beer... It's going to be a nice year... last year 30% at the academy for design didn't graduate, and we are expecting this year an even higher number!! xD


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I start on September 1st, 3rd grade Highschool.
Kinda looking forward to it but on the second thought not really.

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