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Combat was the bundle game with the 2600, so that must be it. I have intermittent memories of my early life, I wonder what that means. . .

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Pac-Man in a arcade machine. Then on the 2600. I was one hell of a fiend, or a addict take your pick my longest play session straight without dying twelve hours. I only quit then, because I was forced to.

Super Mario 64.

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dunno001 said:
Pac-Man on the 2600. Yeah, I know, bad game, but it was what I remember. (That, and it was easy enough for a 2-year old to handle...)

Pac-Man is a classic.

Wrong forum and Super mario world....when i was 3! >.>

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NFG remembered the rules!

Animaniacs or Kirby, both for Game Boy.

I believe it was the original Lemmings on the Amiga

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supermario world.

I actually can't remember. Probably Bomb Jack, Starquake or something along those lines on the Amstrad CPC464. I started gaming from a young age :P

i don't remember, i thingk it may be donkey kong country on the snes

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