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All the same features? Does that mean slim has BC? If so I might trade up.

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no GT5. :(

I got trolled and damn this hurts so much. :(


I need pics, anybody got them of the PS3 Slim?????

why does everyone who already owns a ps3 care about the slim so much. It's not like I'm gonna go trade in my other one for a slim with no feature/functional changes(40 extra GB of space doesn't count).

I want my backwards compatibility :(

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Skeeuk said:
how much is that in pounds

£ 255 with a direct conversion... who knows what price they will use.


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Wheres the games?!

It's smaller... I think that's already a big plus. I loved my PS2 slim.

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Bah. No new game, no GT5, no firmware update.

makingmusic476 said:

I think that's pretty ugly, I much prefer the look of the fat PS3.


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seriously no games just a trailer for UC2 !!!!