Sony may pull a Sega and shut down SCEI.

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What an original rant...

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No, we not only let the analyst say bullshit but we treat analysts as if they were analysts...

Sony won't leave gaming because if this generation thought us anything is that if you're last one generation, it really doesn't mean anything for the next generation.

How many cups of darkness have I drank over the years? Even I don't know...


Problem is Sega had to take a lot of hits, over many years, before they finally gave up on the hardware end of the spectrum. So for Sony to up and quit after one lackluster generation is a bit far fetched. Though I don't seem to see any more posts about "PS3 will be #1 at the end of this gen!" so I think even the most diehard fan realizes it won't happen. And all things considered, Sony has done fairly well when you consider their lame start, sharing or losing so many games to 360, and always being priced so high. I believe up until recently, Sony has been on pace with 360 at the same point in the 360's timeline. Which can't be ignored, especially when again you take into account the price difference and the exclusive games for both.

Though one thing I agree with, is that Sony seems to refuse to lower the price. Instead keeps adding things that will make us spend more. Nintendo spent all of last gen trying to tie the GBA into the GC. GBA was a monster, GC had flat sales. It didn't work, but you could see why they were hoping to woo GBA owners to buy a GC as well. PSP isn't that much of a seller, especially in games. So the notion they can use PSP to sell PS3 is downright lame.

An editorial about the editorial we made fun of yesterday or the day before yesterday. Is that all we get here on VGC nowadays? Copypasted blog entries that aren't worth reading in the least? Does nobody want to think of his own anymore?

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"He also claims that the most recent sales figures show that the PS2 outsold the PS3 and that with the new Beatles game coming out, the pressure will be on some people to upgrade to the PS3 so they can play it."


"Breeden claims that the PS3 till costs too much and is overpriced."

Breeden has some awesome observation skills.

"To me, it seems like the 360 is a much more advanced console now"

But it wasn't more advanced before?

"He also takes a swipe at Sony's new PSP strategy which was announced at the recent E3 gaming conference. He wrote "Excuse me, but how is coming out with a new version of the PSP going to increase sales of the PS3?"

This article amuses me :)


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this guy's arguments are idiotic.

first - i might be wrong, but isn't the beatles game coming to the ps3? have we seen pricing on the hardware? i think the first guitar hero was priced higher because they had to pay for the wireless functionality (unless the beatles guitar is not wireless).

second - psp go is to grab more of the handheld market, not the home console market. are are some functional ties between the two, but one isn't dependent on the other to work or enjoy. you can download games through the pc (or probably wifi).

last nitpick - last i checked, the ps3 is the same price as the xbox 360 elite.

What a joke of a blog.
This thread should be closed before it misleads people.

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Smashed said:
What a joke of a blog.
This thread should be closed before it misleads people.

Noooo don't close it.


As I demonstrated, there are very funny quotes to be found :)


he seems to think that Sony is making a bunch of money off the PS3 or something, he sees no reason why they won't drop the price to match the 360. This guy seems to know nothing about this gen, and the only game he keeps talking about is the beatles

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too early to tell.