Xbox 360 Failure Rate is 54.2 Percent

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^ That shit is funny! The BAM one.

I LOVE paying for Xbox Live! I also love that my love for it pisses off so many people.

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I just sent back my second Xbox 360 and it only took less than 2 weeks. It would have been shorter if I lived closer to Texas. The first one I sent back in 2007 took 3 weeks.

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And it stills outsells the PS3, even with problems.

The first XBOX was a super steady machine and that didn't help the sales..... The original PS2 did had laser and energy supply problems and look to the sales. Now 360 has problems and the PS3 is a solid machine.

Now look at the sales.....

Maybe the cripple is the one people love I don't know.

toadslayer72 said:
GameAnalyser said:
disolitude said:
Even if failure rate is 100%...MS took care of the problem.

Usually you get 3 months of free live and a repaired console for 3 years. So yeah...these threads need to end.

but how far each one's benifitted in the same manner is yet to be surveyed...yeah we've been hearing MS is taking care of the problems..recent one being Jasper versions, giving away free LIVE access..so on.  At this failure rate it can get tedious.

Regardless. Xbox owners may bitch and whine when it happens and they have to deal with the shitty customer support but they will continue to be 360 owners. To me that says a lot. Hey maybe MS can spin that. "Even with our horrible hardware, people still love us!"

No. That kind of stuff shews people away......Sony:: "we could sell 5mill PS3's with no games". Although that pretty much happened, their arrogance helped land them in hot water. I don't think that kind of marketing would work. And Sony was market leader when that was said, look what happened...

@ Black: It's price has also helped it outsell the PS3, let's not kid ourselves here. What if the PS3 and 360 had been the same price all along?


I'm so tired of hearing about this.

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sguy78 said:
I'm so tired of hearing about this.

Yep! This kind of threads are the real RROD!

sguy78 said:
I'm so tired of hearing about this.

You should be concerned as a 360 owner.

A survey is acting like proof? I bet half the people who voted didnt have a 360.


Intresting tho.

I'm a 2 x 360 owner, and I will buy another one if I have to. I don't need to buy one because I have the warranty but I would buy one if I need to.

I don't see the problem. Everyone of my friends will do the same. I don't really see the problem.

We ALL would LOVE to have one that won't die (OBVIOUSLY) and eventually MS will make one (we hope).

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