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SCE Santa Monica’s anticipated PS3 beat ‘em up God of War 3 will arrive in stores come March 2010, the game holds the biggest hype amount possible for a videogame ever and speculation never ends about if it will be the game that can truly define the PS3 brand and the game that will help the PS3 to decrease the sold consoles gap between the PS3 and Xbox360, but why being so much optimistic?



The only thing that PS3 owners should be so much sure about is that GOWIII will be a bloody fantastic game and that it will raise the bar for its competitors on every aspect, GOWIII will undoubtedly show a different face than the one we saw on the last E3 trailer and it will be on a much more improved level by the upcoming March.


The other thing that I’m really not sure about is “Why PS3 owners are so much sure that the game will be a sales monster!” and PS3 owners count on GOW3 as the game that can be multi-million (consoles) seller!


Ok, No one can urges the fact that GOWIII will be the final installment of the multi-million unit-selling trilogy, but in the same time a quick check to the previous sales chart for the original GOW and GOWII can tell us so much about the real situation.



GOW II sold over 2.5 million copies even it was an option for more than 120,000,000 PS2 owners at that time, I know some people will say that the game had 17+ ESRB, but that can’t be the real reason, let’s say 50,000,000 of the PS2 owners were 17 or above, so I think it’s still not that great record for such a game,and keeping in mind that the upcoming GOWIII will have even less than 20% of its prequels consoles installed base or let’s say “possible buyers” the game may even struggle to match its prequels records.


GOWIII will be a fantastic game for sure and undoubtedly it will do just fine in the market but let’s be real and far from any fanboisem which causing “Gamers Blindness” illness for some of us, GOWIII will never be a match for top sellers like GTA or HALO series, even though if u asked me I know the game will be more than a match for them technically.




IDK its not my cup of tea

suprised at the sales from the ps2 games thought they would be higher than that


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