Gabe Newell: "sorry" to PS3 owners

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Xxain said:
badgenome said:



ROTFL!!!!.......This is hilarious LOL


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whatever...what's the big deal about Valve again? it's not like they do anything so amazing (First person shooters, for Christ's sake, and nothing great after Half Life) I can certainly live without that as I can live without any FPS.

Well considering how long he has been trash talking the system, this comment seems like an afterthought.
If they don't want to or aren't able to make quality games for the PS3 that's fine but Valve aren't doing themselves any favours by bashing the PS3 every chance they get.

I myself do have a gaming rig as well but I think I'll keep it reserved for Blizzard games :)



Well that's why he's refusing to let any other ports of Valve games being made by different companys and instead is just shutting them out all together.

thanny said:
haha theres some bitter fanboys in here :P

Thanks for another TF2 update Valve <3

Yeah, this update was mostly pretty good.

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LOL watching Sony fanboys complain at Valve is gold, especially since he is laughing all the way to the bank, while their precious Sony is losing hundreds of millions of dollars every quarter.

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Basically "The" echoed my thoughts precisely. Thanks, saves me some time typing it out.

wow it just amazes me that the Orange box for the PS3 is like a Wii port, but better.

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Gabe must DIET!!!!!!!!!!


Squilliam said:

Gabe must DIET!!!!!!!!!!

are u saying he is domed too

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