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I don't buy generic shooters. I want more from games than just shooting everything that moves.

EDIT: And im not buying a product that is linked to Activision in any way shape or form.

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I'm not. I don't think MW2 can best kz2 as my MP shooter of choice

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Nope, the only FPS series I buy is Half Life.

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Aion said:
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Aion said:
Majin-Tenshinhan said:
I won't get it, FPS on dual-analog is shit, and my PC can't handle a game of that calibre. If it could, I'd get it.

What i love the dual analog it's great. 

For most games it's alright, but for FPS it's horrible. Atleast if you've played PC FPSs before.

No i never played a fps on a pc, i heard its really good but i can't handle sitting down. While the the controller i can move around freely.

Dual analog takes so much more skill to get good at then a mouse and keyboard.  

OT: I won't be getting it, I'll definitely be giving it a rent though.

I won't buy it. Uncharted 2, Tekken 6, R&C ACIT and maybe Sigma for me.

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YesWiiCan said:
I'm not. I'm getting the better version. COD:MW with more features

Firstly, it's a different game. Secondly, it doesn't have more features. Thirdly, it's not the better version.

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I'm not getting it, didn't enjoy CoD4 at all.

Im not getting it 1st day and not any time soon after that.....I need break from shooters I want something different.

Im not getting it. Activision can go die in a hole for raising the price.

Not me, never interested in CoD: MW, WW, or MW2.