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Seraphic_Sixaxis said:
Awww man, if its like the original demo were you get a taste of online then damn...

Heres to a PSN version! cheers!

(Enjoy the game guys, i dun haz XBL for mah 360... :( )

You can get it a week later if you have silver.




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Thanks guys, but thats not the issue, the issue is it'll more then likely be an online Demo like the first one, and two i don't have a Wi-Fi brick thing for my 360 to begin with, there all so expensive above $80!

I'll wait though if i have to, to play this more then likely awesome game, its no big deal.

Yeah, if it is online only, that would not work for you.

Seraphic has a Special Pirate edition of the 360...


Zizzla_Rachet said:
Seraphic has a Special Pirate edition of the 360...

Oh come on now was that really needed?


I have a Arcade Jasper with a 120GB hard-drive, if i didn't like my 360 i wouldn't bother getting a bigger HDD for it, i do plan to get XBL someday, but im always put off by the pay-to-play online thing, this isn't WoW...


And yeah if it is Online Only (Which im assuming) it woulnd't work out at all... though i really would have gotton a Wi-Fi thing just to play the Demo if online was free or its offline, when you guys get the demo can any of ya tell me if its off or on?

At anyrate, i'll just wait for the PSN release.

Edit: It is online only, :( ...

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Sweet although I would've rather liked to see online MP demo like the first one more. But hey fighting a salamander boss and going inside it's guts will have to compensate I guess.......*sigh* :P

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Yet i the first on was dissapointing and the online was barely popular, hopefully they can improve alot.




Jeez, it's taken long enough.

isn't it a bit early to release a demo for a game that isn't coming out until 2010?

demo is up what are you all waiting for?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!