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oh by the way since the topic of shenmue has come up, i remember at the time that there was supposed to be 3 games, as the first two didnt finish the story... or am i just making this up?

if there was supposed to be 3, making the first 2 downloadable to reintroduce the franchise and making the third should prove to be good business and great for us gamers.

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There were original supposed to be 16

I don't know how, but I have way more games for my Dreamcast than any other console.

Craan said:
There were original supposed to be 16

I thought It was 10...But 16 sounds about right too...


Ooooohhhhhh someone got humbled.

At anyrate a HD PowerStone would be awesome!

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Craan said:
There were original supposed to be 16

I don't think they were actually going to be 16 games, just 16 chapters.  If Xenosaga couldn't make past 3 games, then why would Shenmue be able to.  Shenmue was chapter 1 and Shenmue II was chapters 3,4, and 5.  Chapter 2 apparently being the boat trip.  I never played the games but I know this because I watched the retrospective on the series.  Kikizo rumored in 2005 that all 16 chapters would be on one next gen console according to an article and released as Shenmue III.  Unfortunately, Kikizo has their reputation ruined over this.  Apparently, Shenmue III was in development but was halted.

Sweet, gimme SA2 and Shenmue.

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To make it more interesting, it would be fun if they packed 3-5 DC games on a DVD for Wii. Should be possible as a GD-Rom disk is about 1.2 Gigabyte and games often, if I'm not wrong, was often in the size of a CD-Rom disk (650-700 Megabyte).

For PS3 and Xbox 360, maybe downloadable HD remade versions would be best.

As for games I would want to see, I don't know. Anything? Years ago, I was thinking of buying a DC as it was more interesting then PS2 and GC, but DC was dying, only a few new games came out and Bleemcast! did not support many PS games, so I went on with a black GC later on instead. But I missed out on the great stuff that was. To play some of those games for a budget price would be nice.

There was supposed to be 1 game for each chapter originally.

and Shenmue 2 skipped ch 2 completely.

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