I predicted this would happen, that WSR worldwide and especially MH3 in Japan would give Nintendo it's best shot at posting some real marketshare gains, at least until Nintendo pulls a price-drop


A PS3 boost with the slim would probably give the HD consoles the edge in marketshare, at least for the foreseeable future.

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adigen said:

  Wii domination b4 ps3 slim.

And after PS3 Slim, too.   *evil grin*


I thought Wii Domination came at 50%?

At least that's what I recall hearing.

Domination as long as they are doing better than the competition...

Its now 49%

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Tomorrow it can be 50.

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49%! Great, only 1% remaining to reach the mighty 50% :)

atma998 said:
49%! Great, only 1% remaining to reach the mighty 50% :)

Actually I'm looking foreward to more of having get a 1.1% gain than it outsell it

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what happened, i think something just got adjusted because no new numbers came out just now. Perhaps it has to do with the UK. Strangely at the same time NPD had Wii a little lower than VGC.

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Just wait and it will be adjusted down.